Payroll & Tax Solutions Hong Kong
Payroll & Tax Solutions Hong Kong

Outsource your calculations and submissions to INS Global. Focus on your core business in Hong Kong.

Understanding our Payroll and Tax Service in Hong Kong

Relieving the burden of staying 100% compliant

To ensure full compliance with Hong Kong’s regulations, businesses must stay up to date with local rules and regulations. We take care of this for you by leveraging our local expertise.
We relieve your business of the time-consuming and complex accounting and administrative work. Our services include individual tax declaration services and management of all other relevant procedures. We handle all such matters for your business on a monthly basis.

Our payroll and tax service in Hong Kong includes

With our comprehensive service handling the Hong Kong administrative matters, businesses can put their focus on their core business.

  • Registration at the corresponding tax bureau for your business in Hong Kong.
  • Monthly contribution calculations and submissions for all of your staff.

Why outsource your payroll & tax submissions?

  • Our solutions are carefully adapted to any type of business. We help small companies and large corporations alike
  • Clear, transparent, and professional service so that you can focus on your core business
  • Benefit from INS’ close relations and deep experience with local tax bureaus
  • INS stays up to date with all local rules and regulations, helping you stay 100% compliant
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