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PEO in France

A common misconception that is made by many business owners and managers is that you need to establish a separate legal entity to begin operations in France. While this is a reasonable assumption to make, INS Global has a solution to give your enterprise immediate market access. Our PEO solution allows you to immediately hire staff and begin operations in France, without the need of setting up a costly legal entity.


About France


With a highly developed economy and one of the largest consumer markets in the EU, France has a very business friendly and favorable market environment.  Despite having a large consumer market, France also has a lot of investment in technology and manufacturing. Although over the years France has experienced a decline in manufacturing output, manufacturing is still one of the countries leading sectors.


What is a PEO?


The term PEO stands for Professional Employment Organization, which is an outsourced organization that is able to hire employees on your behalf. The PEO acts as an Employer of Record, which hires your staff through an already existing local entity. The staff will be registered under the PEO’s entity for admin purposes, but will carry out the usual daily business of your enterprise.


Why use a PEO in France


Using a global PEO provides your company with fast, direct access to the French market. The PEO solution negates the challenges generally associated with setting up a business in another country. By using a locally based partner who understands local regulations and procedures, you remove the administrative burden of market entry.

A PEO is usually used by small to medium sized enterprises who require fast access to the French market. It can also serve as an interim solution if you wish to carry out operations while you research and set up the establishment of a new entity.   


Advantages of Using a PEO in France


There are several advantages that come with using a PEO, which include:

  • Focus on business operations – as INS Global will take care of all administrative challenges that come with setting up a business, you can focus on your core business operations and growing your business in the region.
  • Benefits of a large HR department – by outsourcing these functions to a PEO, your business gains immediate access to a large HR department that has expertise in a multitude of human resource related areas.
  • Reduction in time and costs – Using a PEO not only saves time but could save your business in costs as setup costs may outweigh the cost of operation of a PEO.


Post-Employment Support


Once you have hired your staff in France INS Global offers a range of different services that can further provide assistance to your business, such as:

  • Payroll administration – our qualified team is able to manage your monthly payroll and ensure your employees are paid on time, having the necessary taxes and deductions taken care of.
  • Contract renewal & termination – we assist you in the contract negotiations with your consultants. If there is a need to terminate the contract, we ensure that it is done in accordance with local regulations.


INS Global in France


With a constantly expanding presence, INS Global is one of the world’s leading PEO’s. our comprehensive range of services can give you access to a high caliber of talent, allow you to employ staff in France, as well as invoice clients. Our transparent approach gives you peace of mind, knowing your business remains fully compliant while operating in France. Get in contact with our consultants today and let INS Global help you simplify doing business in France.

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