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PEO in Indonesia

The idea of entering a new country seems to be a considerable task for any enterprise. With various challenges bound to arise, from market entry to compliance with regulation while simultaneously focusing on the core business, it is daunting for a company of any size. INS Global offers a simple solution, to make expansion easier. As a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Indonesia, our services allow your enterprise to enter Indonesia and begin business operations, without the administrative headache expansion usually requires.

What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization is an employment solution that is outsourced to a third party, that allows for your enterprise to do business and hire employees in a foreign country like Indonesia, without the need of establishing a legal entity in that specific country.

How does our PEO in Indonesia work?

INS Global has local infrastructure that is able to hire people on behalf of your enterprise in Indonesia. This simply means that your employee(s) will be hired by the Employer of Record (EOR) for compliance and tax purposes, however the employee will still remain under the control of your enterprise. Therefore, all actions performed by the employee will be under the instruction of your enterprise, but in order for your employee to be operating legally in Indonesia, he or she will be registered under the EOR.

The benefits of using an Employer of Record in Indonesia

  • Compliance – Our infrastructure ensures that you and your employees remain 100% compliant with local laws in Indonesia.
  • Knowledge – our experts have extensive knowledge on local regulations and practices in Indonesia.
  • Recruitment Support – We offer assistance in finding a suitable candidate based on the needs of your business. Further support is provided during the onboarding and visa application process.  
  • Efficient Market Entry – Our pre-existing structure allows you to begin operations and hire employees within as little as 48 hours.

Attract local or foreign talent

Our PEO service extends beyond merely enabling you to hire employees. INS Global has the resources to ensure that your business has the right personnel, that meet your requirements, and help your business achieve its goals. Our experts have access to an extensive network of both local and foreign talent, and are well equipped to help your business find the right candidate. Whether you are looking for top global talent or local representatives that have an in depth understanding of the market, our experts can assist you.

Post-employment services

INS Global offers a wide range of post-employment services to assist your business after you have entered Indonesia. Our post-employment services include:

  • Payroll Administration – We ensure your employees are paid on time and the relevant taxes and deductions have been accounted for.
  • Contract renewal – We are able to provide support during contract renewal negotiations with your employees. We can provide advice and assist in adjusting the contracts in accordance with regulation.
  • Termination negotiations – We can ensure the dismissal of an employee is compliant with local regulations and practices.

Choose INS Global as your PEO in Indonesia today

INS Global consulting is one of the most well established global PEO’s in Asia. With more than 14 years of experience, we are able to assist an enterprise of any size enter the Indonesian market. Our experts are highly skilled across a range of disciplines, and are well equipped to help you expand your business in Asia. INS Global is a full service human resource consultancy that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Our services include recruitment Indonesia, payroll and tax administration, Indonesia company incorporation and many more. Contact one of our consultants today and allow us to make global expansion simplified.  

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