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PEO in Macau

Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China that is located about 66 kilometers off the shore of Hong Kong SAR. Macau offers businesses a market with very unique characteristics, as they are primarily driven by tourism and gambling. While Macau benefits from strong policy support from Mainland China, investors are still attracted to Macau due to the ease of doing business, favorable tax policies and high levels of economic freedom.

Doing business in Macau

Although Macau’s economy is largely made up of gambling activities, the region is working towards creating a better quality of life and further economic growth. The gambling, entertainment and tourism sector has however contributed to Macau having large foreign exchange reserves. The foreign exchange reserves combined with Macau’s low tax rate of 12%, makes it an attractive prospect for investors.  Macau also has an open economy which is in line with international business principles and practices, indicating a safe and stable business environment.

What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a service that enables your enterprise to hire staff without the need of setting up a costly legal entity. A PEO would be used by your company if your company requires fast, flexible access to the Macau market. Whether it is to carry out commercial activities or perform market research, a PEO in Macau can assist your company to setup and begin operations.

Advantages of using a PEO in Macau

 There are various benefits that accrue to an enterprise if they decide to make use a PEO, such as:

  • Reduced Risk – A PEO offers a company a flexible solution. Your company is not required to fulfil all the requirements and complete all the processes needed to form a legal entity, in order for you to carry out business in Macau.
  • Access to Expertise – Your company will have access to an HR team that has an in depth understanding of the local market.
  • Fast Entry – Using a PEO in Macau provides your company with fast access to the market.
  • Onboarding – Your company will receive assistance, from one of our experts, throughout the onboarding process.

Attract local or foreign talent in Macau

INS Global scope of activities extend beyond providing PEO services. Our team has the resources to ensure you have the right talent to help your business achieve its goals in Macau. Our recruitment experts have access to an extensive network of local and foreign talent, presenting your business with high quality candidates to onboard.

Partner with INS Global Macau

Choosing the right partner is an important decision when entering a new territory. The partner you choose needs to have substantial knowledge of the local regulations and processes, in order for your company to remain fully compliant. As the premier PEO in Asia, INS Global is dedicated to helping your enterprise reach its goals. Our team consists of experts across an array of disciplines, such as recruitment, payroll and tax, company incorporation and many more. Contact us today and let our experts help simplify your expansion.

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