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The United Kingdom has long been established as one of the most prominent business centers in the world. Situated in the middle of the East and West, its geographical location has allowed it to become a focal point of today’s global marketplace. Offering a familiar, well-known business culture, it has garnished the reputation of being a great place to do business.  However, entering such a well-developed market does have its difficulties and therefore having the right partner may make it easier for your business to begin operations. As a global PEO, INS Global can assist your company to enter the UK and begin operations, without the usual administrative barriers a business may encounter when expanding globally.


What is a Global PEO?


A Global PEO is a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) which operates in multiple jurisdictions around the world. A Global PEO is able to hire staff under their name and payroll, and then dispatch the staff out to other companies. This allows companies to hire staff, without the need of setting up a costly entity.


Why Use a PEO in the UK?


Using a PEO in the UK fast tracks your company’s expansion, allowing your enterprise to onboard staff, while ensuring you remain compliant with local procedures. Our PEO solution allows your company to begin operations fast, saving your company time and money.


How does a PEO in the UK work?


INS Global will use our local infrastructure in the UK, to onboard and hire employees on your behalf, while your company still retains control of their day to day activities. INS Global therefore acts as an Employer of Record (EOR) in the UK.


When Would your Company Need a PEO


If you are currently considering starting an operation in the UK, or wish to expand your current operation to the UK, the INS Global PEO solution is the best option for you. With fast market entry and extensive knowledge of local processes, your business can start operations at any time through INS Global.


Benefits of using an Employer of Record in the UK


Compliance – our local infrastructure ensures that you and your employees remain compliant with local regulations, allowing your business to operate without any administrative restrictions.

Fast Market Entry – our solution offers your business a fast way to enter the UK market. Our pre-existing legal entity allows your company to hire staff and begin operations within 48 hours.

Expertise – our staff have the necessary expertise and are able to navigate your enterprise through the local regulations and processes.

Recruitment and Onboarding – the INS Global HR team will provide assistance in the recruitment and onboarding of staff, throughout the onboarding process.

Access to HR Team – by partnering with INS Global your enterprise gains access to the benefits of having a large HR department.


Additional services


We provide the following additional services:

  • Review and discussion of employment terms with new employees
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Calculation and administration of payroll and tax payments each month
  • Ensuring a full record of employees is maintained


Partner with INS Global in the UK


When expanding your business into a new country it is important to choose the right partner, who has the necessary expertise and ability to further your business interests. With more than 14 years of experience, INS Global has helped hundreds of companies expand across the world. We are a full service human resource consultancy that aims to simplify doing business across the world. Our experts have knowledge and experience in a range of different areas such as employment solutions, invoicing, payroll and tax. Partner with INS Global today and allow us to simplify doing business in the UK.


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