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Recruitment in Portugal

Hiring the right people to work in your business has become an essential part of achieving success. More leaders and managers are focused on the quality of hires, rather than the quantity. Finding the right members for your team becomes even more important when doing business overseas. If you want to do business in Portugal, hire the staff you are looking for with INS Global’s recruitment team.


Recruiting in Portugal

Portugal is one of the oldest nation-states in Europe and has a deep-rooted culture. It is important for companies to go through the recruitment processes with careful understanding of the local culture. Your business needs to go through the right recruitment channels to ensure you find, someone who is not only capable but who is also a good fit.


It is often a challenge for many companies to select the proper recruitment channels that allow them to access the best candidates in Portugal. Building a strong international team is more than just a plug and play exercise. A number of companies source talent abroad through online ads or using job search platforms. Having a recruitment agency in Portugal gives your business immediate access to a larger network.


Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency in Portugal

In the past, many companies opted to keep recruiting in-house. This led to multiple problems arising for those businesses in the short and long term, such as:


  • Lack of screening process
  • Improper hires
  • Lack of skills
  • High turnover in staff
  • Slowdown in production


All of these points have a big impact on the success of a business, no matter where they are based. Using an agency gives you immediate access to a large network of potential employees, that could help further your business in Portugal.


Advantages of Outsourcing Recruitment in Portugal

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become very popular over the last few years because of its proven success (Read more on the benefits of RPO here). With an outsourced agency, you do not only get access to talent on the market, but also access to experts who understand the local working culture. Some advantages of outsourcing recruitment include:


  • Access to more candidates – Your business gains access to the recruiter’s network of candidates. This means you have access to wider, more diverse range of talent.
  • Defined process – The recruitment agency has pre-existing, clearly formed processes that can be followed to make sure your business hires the best possible candidates.
  • Reduced risk – Whenever a business onboards a new employee, there are multiple risks involved. From not making it through probation, to the employee departing early for some reason, the risks could be costly for a company. An outsourced agency, like INS Global, will become responsible for replacing any employees that leave before a certain period.


 The INS Global Recruitment Process

When selecting INS Global as your recruiter in Portugal, you have different recruitment options that you can choose based on your needs. For the full recruitment option, the process is as follows:


  1. Define the job – Our recruitment team will determine the exact kind of candidate you are looking for. The job description will be designed based on your company needs, the industry and the attributes of the candidate being sought.
  2. Sourcing the candidate – We then explore the network of professional and determine which candidates could potentially be shortlisted.
  3. Screening of candidates – The recruitment experts will then pre-screen the most suitable candidates, conduct preliminary interviews and provide a list of the top candidates to your company.
  4. Interview process – Our recruitment team will then co-ordinate any interview(s) with the relevant persons in your business. We assist with both the organization and preparation if required.
  5. Hiring process – Once the ideal candidate has been selected by your company, we then confirm all employee details to ensure an efficient onboarding. We are able to provide support in contract negotiations with the employee.


Why Use INS Global as Your Recruitment Agency

Using a recruiter is undoubtedly advantageous for your business. With the increased network, limited risk and access to expertise, outsourcing recruitment should be a priority for your company. INS Global is the right partner and a leader in the recruiting industry because of its:


  • Proven performance – We have placed thousands of candidates for businesses all around the world.
  • Meticulous process – Over time we have developed a structured process that can be changed according to the needs of your business.
  • Wide scope – We operate on a wide scope of activities and expertise that can help make your better in Portugal.


Contact INS Global’s Team

INS Global is the world’s leading payroll provider. We always dedicate the highest level of quality to our clients and help them conduct international business, easily. We can help your business find the talent it needs. Get in touch with our recruitment experts to find the best fit for your business in Portugal. You can also find out more about their other services in Portugal like payroll and tax administration, invoicing and more. Get started with us today and let our experts help your business expand.

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