Recruiting with Social Networks in China

Recruiting in China can be a real headache for foreign companies trying to penetrate this vast market. It is necessary to adapt to the recruiting habits of Chinese recruiters if you want to put the chances on his side in order to attract the best talent.

Chinese companies recruit more and more through social networks. A study from 2013 by a recruitment agency shows that 53% of human resource managers surveyed use social networks for recruiting, and 31% plan to use in the coming year.
It is essential to integrate social networking into the recruitment strategy, particularly in China, where the population is particularly fond of these social networks.

Twitter and Facebook are banned in China, so what networks use?

China has its own social networks, very populaweibor among the population. There are 5 main major social networks in China:

  1. Sina Weibo. It is often compared to Twitter, with more features. Indeed, it is possible to add images and videos. This is an essential platform for the Chinese population, with over 500 million users. Weibo has recently set up a job seekers service; users can post a mini CV of 140 characters.
  2. Renren. This social network is seen as China’s Facebook, it spreads mainly among Chinese students or graduates.
  3. Tencent is based on the instant messaging service, QQ.
  4. Douban is an open forum that allows to discuss various topics, including movies, music or books.
  5. WeChat. Basically, WeChat was the equivalent of Whats’app, but this social network has continued to add features, including an exchange platform. In 2013, WeChat exceeded 400 million users.

These networks are a great tool for exchanging information and finding candidate or people currently seeking employment.

How to use these networks when you are a foreign company?

 These social networks are unknown to recruiters and foreign entrepreneurs. When a company wants to recruit in China through these social networks, it is essential to communicate in Chinese. Every new foreign company in the Chinese market should not hesitate to be accompanied by professionals who know the networks and who will help you recruit employees that fit the business.

To recruit in China, you have to adapt to the Chinese ways of communication in order to reach the maximum number of potential candidate. But there must also be an adaptation to the candidates themselves in order to not make any recruitment mistake.

To recruit qualified employees and talent, the company must initially establish the precise profile of the person sought. A company can’t start looking for candidates profile if this same profile has not been clearly established before. A recruitment company can help you define this profile, so that you can be more effective when recruiting.

In addition, if your company has no knowledge of Chinese networks or channels of recruitment in China, to be accompanied by a professional will save you time and directly seek candidates who match this profile.

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