Our Expertise Cover a Wide Range of Industries

More than recruiting, we also specialize in employment solutions and management of human resources. Allowing us to:

Engineering & Manufacturing

Food & Beverage


Human Resources

Human Resources

Oil & Gas

Company Services

Supply Chain

Reliable Recruitment for Expansion

Our clients choose INS because…

1. HR Specialists

1. Our recruitment and employment solutions together enable us to:

  • Comprehensively understand the perspective of the hiring managers that we work with.
  • Stay current on the labor market niches most relevant to your business in Hong Kong.
  • Impart knowledge to our clients on the local business environment.

2. Local Network

  • Our extensive network in Hong Kong gives us leverage in finding the best candidates to staff your enterprise.

3. Relevant Sourcing Strategy

  • We develop innovative sourcing strategies to ensure that our clients are appealing to the top candidates.

4. Clear Pricing

  • All of our services are consistently and transparently priced with no hidden fees.

What is the Procedure?


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