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Recruitment in Belgium

With Brussels being the headquarters for many European Businesses and institutions, a large number of top talent is required in the region. With a highly skilled, multilingual population the market for talent is becoming increasingly rigid and with growing competition, it makes finding the right talent a difficult task. INS Global’s recruitment team will allow you to overcome your challenges and find the right people that can meet your organizations needs.

Why Talent is Important

Finding the right people for your organization has never been more important. Having employees that fit your company can increase productivity and in the long term, profitability. Therefore, in today’s times, employees are not seen as an expense, but rather as human capital. Based on this, employers should take time to find someone who is not only capable, but also has the right characteristics to drive your business towards success. According to a recent study, more than 70% of employers in Belgium have indicated that talent acquisition is a top priority for business leaders.

Challenges of Finding Employees in Belgium

While there is a significant pool of talent in Belgium, selecting suitable personnel according to your needs is not an easy task. A number of challenges may arise when looking to recruit employees in Belgium, such as:

  • Language – depending on the region in Belgium, the commonly used language may differ. German, French and Flemish are the most commonly used languages in business and are used in different locations.
  • High Salaries – with the country having high social security and tax contributions, compared to other parts of Europe. This in turn means you will need to be competitive in your recruitment strategy.
  • Competition – due to advancements in technology, there is easier access to a larger group of talent. However, there has also been an increase in competition for talent, with more companies becoming more aggressive in their acquisition approach.

Why Outsource Recruitment in Belgium?

There are many more challenges to talent acquisition than there previously. Talent scarcity combined with increased competition, makes it quite a challenge for your internal HR staff. Here are some of the most important reasons to outsource your recruitment function:

  • Reduction in costs – the cost of continually dedicating your internal resources to searching for talent, as well as making an incorrect hire, can outweigh the cost of using a recruitment agency or partner.
  • Enhanced access – by using an external recruitment partner, your business will immediately get access to a larger network of professionals and different recruiting methods, that your company may not have access to.
  • Expertise – as it is in a recruiter’s daily course of business, they may possess a better understanding of the local HR market, as well as stay up to date to date with all the latest recruiting methods.

Why INS Global Should Be your Recruitment Partner?

When looking to outsource certain functions like recruitment, choosing the right partner is an important step for the growth of your business. We are one of the market leaders in the field based on our:

  • Track record – we have a proven track record of assisting a long list of clients, across a range of different industries.
  • Developed process – we have a uniquely formulated process that can be flexible according to the needs of your enterprise. Our methods have been tried and tested, in order to ensure we provide the best candidates to your business.
  • Innovative approach – we ensure that our recruitment team stays up to date with the latest industry trends and recruitment practices. This allows for us to maintain our standards in line with local regulations and norms.

Partner With us Today

As one of the world’s leading HR solutions firms, we provide our clients with only the highest quality of service. We have found top talent for a wide range of companies around the world and continue to have an ongoing professional relationship with them. No matter the size of the organization, nor the position, we are able to meet all your recruitment needs.

INS Global has been in operation for more than 15 years and has a wide range of services available. If you are looking to hire staff in Belgium, without setting up a legal entity, you can check out our PEO solution. We also offer other services which include invoicing, payroll and tax administration, and many more. Get in touch with us and let us simplify your expansion into Belgium.

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