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Recruitment in Cambodia

If you are looking for local staff or top global talent to take your company to the next level in Cambodia, partnering with our recruitment team may be the solution for you. Our recruitment experts in Cambodia are equipped to find candidates, across all industries, that can drive your team towards success.

Why Should You Outsource Recruitment?

When setting up operations abroad, it is essential that you have the right team working towards making your enterprise a success. Finding the right candidate, who meets your specific requirements, can be a challenging task which may end up being costly and time consuming.

Our recruitment experts take the time to get a thorough understanding of what the client’s particular needs are. After understanding the exact profile a client is looking for, our team undergoes a comprehensive search, using a combination of tools and experience, to present the best possible candidates to the client. Our experts have access to worldwide networks and databases that enable them to find candidates fast.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Recruitment in Cambodia

Choosing to outsource the recruitment process may be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Knowledge of the Market – With previous experience and knowledge of the market in Cambodia, our experts have access to networks, which allow them to find and screen candidates faster.
  • Ongoing Assistance – Our recruiters don’t present you with a large number of potential candidates that require you to rigorously sort through. Rather, you will be presented with a few of only the best options, which the recruiter has pre-screened against the criteria you have provided.
  • Savings on Time and Costs – Directing your internal HR department to use their time to search for and screen possible candidates, could end up being costly and time consuming. Whereas with an outsourced firm, this is their core area of business, therefore they are likely to be more efficient.
  • Niche Requirements – It may be difficult to find candidates in particular fields or with a particular set of skills you require. Furthermore, the networks of internal hiring managers are limited. Recruiters come across a large amount of candidates daily, allowing them to create their own large, personal networks.

How can INS Global help you find the right candidate in Cambodia?

INS Global has a recruitment team dedicated to delivering only the highest quality candidates to our clients. Our team offers:

  • A client based approach, which allows us to adapt our process to the needs of our clients;
  • Efficiency, as our team works together to source and determine the highest quality candidates, that we can present to our clients;
  • HR consulting services, these services continue after sourcing the possible recruits and they include; assistance during onboarding as well as visa aid; and   
  • Understanding, our multicultural team is able to meet the needs of both the client and the candidate. Our team is well balanced enough to understand the Asian market and the requirements of our clients.

Get in touch with INS Global today on the Cambodia’s market recruitment

Let our recruitment specialists help you source the best possible employees in Cambodia. Our full service HR consultancy is able to assist your enterprise with all your HR needs. We are able to deliver high quality service, while ensuring that you remain compliant with local regulations. Our services include recruitment, company incorporation, invoicing, as well as payroll and tax administration.

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