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Recruitment in France

When looking to expand into Europe, many companies choose France as their ideal place to start their operations in the region. France offers a well-developed economy as well as sophisticated legal system that offers protection to both employers and employees.  With a highly skilled population, finding the right talent in France can be quite a challenge. Our experts are able to utilize a large network to find the right candidate for your enterprise, while taking into consideration the regional differences involved when hiring.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Candidate


When entering a new country or expanding your business in a region, it is important to have the right staff to drive growth and success. In order to thrive in the French market, it is important for companies to employ staff who are well rounded and can understand the objectives of the business.

When choosing who you want to employ, it involves more than just browsing through profiles and hiring managers need to have the right employment strategies in place in order to determine the best candidates for the role. INS Global’s recruitment is focused on sourcing suitable candidates and providing your business with the best profiles based on your needs.


Challenges of Finding Employees in France


While France has a large pool of skilled and local talent, competition for strong candidates is often tough. There are a number of challenges that arise when looking to find the right employees such as:

  • Cultural difference: finding an employee that understand the local market norms and practices.
  • Communication: finding an employee who would be able to understand the needs of the business and communicate efficiently with the overseas counterparts.
  • Experience: it is very challenging finding an employee with the requisite experience in the right field.


Why Should you Outsource Recruitment?


The outsourcing of recruitment occurs when a company transfers a part of or the whole recruitment process to an external partner. Companies may choose to outsource recruitment for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Reduced costs – companies may not hire staff whose primary scope of work is recruitment, as this may be more costly in the long run.
  • Reduced risk – when hiring an employee there is always a chance that the employee may be onboarded, and they leave soon after. Outsourcing recruitment reduces the risk for a quick turnover, as the outsourced agency will be responsible to replace the employee.
  • Access to more talent – recruiters generally have access to a wider range of candidates through their pre-existing networks.
  • Expertise – an external recruiter will have a good understanding of the local HR market as well as which candidates may suit the role.


Why Choose INS Global as Your Recruitment Partner


While there may be many recruiters out there, choosing the right partner is an important step in the growth of your business. INS Global is a leader in the recruitment industry due to its:

  • Proven track record – with a well-established brand INS Global has placed hundreds of candidates for numerous companies around the world.
  • Rigorous process – we have a unique, tested process that allows us to work efficiently and provide your business with the best potential candidates.
  • Innovative approach – we ensure that are team stays up to date with the latest trends and recruitment practices. This further ensures that our practices remain in line with local norms and regulations.


Get in Touch With us Today

INS Global is dedicated to delivering top quality service to our clients. With more than 14 years’ experience in the human resource industry, our team is well equipped to find the ideal candidates, based on the needs of your business.

As an HR consultancy we do not only specialize in recruitment but also across a range of other fields such as PEO which allows you to hire employees in a different country without setting up a separate entity, invoicing clients in different jurisdictions, and payroll and tax administration. Get in touch with us and let our consultants help you expand your business today.

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