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Recruitment in Philippines

If you’re looking to hire talent in Philippines, outsourcing the search to a recruitment partner like INS Global could be the solution for you. As a global recruitment partner, we can help you source and hire talent worldwide, including in Philippines.

Why use a recruitment partner?

Recruitment partners match companies who may be looking for a specific type of person for a role with the candidates who fit that description. They make the process of finding and filtering through potential candidates more efficient, both for applicants and companies.

There are two main scenarios where using a recruitment agency would be good option for a company seeking to hire.

Firstly, when a business has too many applicants to filter through to find the perfect candidate for the job; and secondly when the company doesn’t have enough exposure and thus there aren’t enough people applying to the post posted. In the first case, recruitment partners like INS Global filter through applicants on behalf of the company, provides the company with a shortlist of the best candidates and making the recruitment process more time and cost efficient. In the second case, recruitment agencies provide an ideal way for businesses to increase exposure and receive applications from applicants they wouldn’t have otherwise received.

Moreover, with an established presence in the Asia-Pacific recruitment market, INS Global make cross-border recruitment quick, reliable and take the hassle out of an otherwise lengthy, costly, drawn out process.   

Advantages of outsourcing recruitment in Philippines

  • Tailored to your industry – At INS Global, we can optimize the search for candidates across all sectors and locations in Philippines and elsewhere in Asia, no matter how specific or technical. Just let us know the requirements and we’ll do the rest.
  • Global database of candidates– INS Global has a comprehensive database of candidates around the world with a diverse range of skills and experiences at all levels, making the search for the right candidate in Philippines quick and simple.
  • Knowledge of the market – Recruiting and hiring across borders can be a challenging task. Outsourcing the search to an established partner like INS Global, with knowledge and experience of hiring practices in Philippines, can make the process simple.

How can INS Global help?

  • Team of experienced recruiters – If you have a specific person in mind, our recruitment consultants use their diverse hiring tools to create a diverse selection of candidates for your role in Philippines. Our input ensures hiring bias is completely removed from your campaign.
  • Focused on your needs – Our recruitment consults focus on quality of service, speed of delivery and highly targeted results to ensure you receive the best quality candidates for your business operations in Philippines.
  • Post-recruitment support – In addition to offering extensive support and guidance throughout the whole recruitment process, we can assist with labor contracts, visa sponsorship and onboarding so you can fully focus on your business operations in Philippines. 

INS Global: Your recruitment partner in Philippines

Since our founding in 2006, over 300 companies worldwide have used INS Global’s recruitment service to expand their reach and build a global workforce throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Contact us today to find out how we can help you recruit in Philippines.

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