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Recruitment in Thailand

Characterized by steady growth, strong exports, and a vibrant domestic consumer market, Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular place to do business for many companies around the world.

As a Global PEO and recruitment partner in Asia, INS Global can simplify your talent search in Thailand.

Providing you with talent in Thailand

If you’re looking to expand your operations in Thailand, it’s important to hire top talent to drive your business’ growth in a new market. Finding the right candidate abroad can be a challenging task which may end up being costly and time consuming, especially if you do not have knowledge of the Thai recruitment market or specific hiring practices.

With many years of experience in the Asia recruitment market, our recruitment solution in Thailand is designed to simplify cross border recruitment. Just let us know the profile you’d like to hire and our recruitment consultants will undertake a comprehensive search, using a combination of tools and an already established database of candidates.

Advantages of using our service in Thailand

  • Tailored search strategy – We carefully evaluate your recruitment needs and devise a unique hiring strategy, connecting you with the right candidate for the job.
  • Experts in your field – We know that no two industries are the same. That’s why you can count on us for experience hiring in your field. Our recruitment specialists are familiar with the intricacies and requirements of different industries including engineering, accounting and I.T., to name a few.
  • Global database of candidates – Over the years, our search consultants have built up an extensive candidate base in Asia.

Post-hire support in Thailand

Once you’ve recruited your talent in Thailand, you can move your focus away from the complexities involved in employing in a new market. We offer a full suite of human resource services, ranging from Talent Search to full business process outsourcing (including employment solutions and payroll management), allowing you to concentrate on your business goals, all while having the right team in place.

INS Global: Thailand Recruitment Partner

Since our founding in 2006, INS Global is the executive recruitment partner of choice for global companies entering the Thai market. Our recruitment consultants have successfully placed and mid to executive level staff in a range of industries throughout Asia-Pacific, allowing them to fully focus on their business. Whether you’re looking for a local engineer or a foreign sales executive, INS Global can help. Contact us today to learn more about our recruitment service in Thailand.

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