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Recruitment in Vietnam

As a business owner, it is essential you have high performing employees that are able to get the job done efficiently. Employee performance is vital to the success of a company; therefore, it is important that you have top talent driving your company’s growth. However, finding the right candidate can prove to be challenging, costly and time consuming. INS Global is able to provide expert recruitment services which will allow your business to excel in the Vietnamese market.

Recruitment in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country which has experienced tremendous growth over the past 30 years. As such, many companies are now taking the opportunity to enter the market. An integral part of taking your company global is finding the right team. Whether you are seeking local talent to help further your business in Vietnam or a top global specialist to manage your team, you may need a partner that has the necessary tools and expertise to assist you.

Benefits of outsourcing recruitment in Vietnam

There are various benefits that accrue to your business when outsourcing your recruitment process, such as:

  • Access to Resources and Expertise – as it is part of the core business of the outsourced firm, they will have the access to advanced tools and processes to find the right candidate.  
  • Quality of Recruits – recruitment specialists generally have vast experience and are connected to a large network of numerous profiles, spanning various industries. Their time is mainly invested in finding and screening the best talent to present to the client, and their experience enables them to know exactly what to look for to match your needs.
  • Reduction in Costs and Time – outsourcing recruitment will save your company time and money in the long run. The faster vacancies are filled, the better it is for productivity of a business. It also reduces the amount of time and resources an internal HR department might have utilized; as it is easier for a recruitment specialist to scale up and scale down their activity in accordance with the needs of their client.
  • Established Local Presence – Recruiting across borders can be a highly challenging task for businesses. Outsourcing to a recruiter that has a local presence may simplify an otherwise long, complicated process. The recruiter also has knowledge on the laws and regulations involved in the hiring process and can therefore ensure compliance with all regulations.

INS Global can help you recruit in Vietnam

As a full service HR consultancy, INS Global has experts who specialize in recruitment and can provide the necessary assistance to help build or improve your international workforce. Whether it involves recruiting someone locally in Vietnam or finding top global talent, INS Global has the tools to find the next member of your team.  Our primary goal is to simplify your expansion into Vietnam. With our greater understanding of the market and regulations, partnering with us would allow you to focus on expanding your business in Vietnam, while we take care of your HR needs.

INS Global is one of Asia’s most well-established human resource consultancies. Whether it be recruitment or our employment solutions you are looking for, partner with us today and allow us to add value to your business.

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