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Recruitment in Spain

An important part of driving a business towards success is having the right people. If you intend to do business in Spain, it is important to have the right staff who understand the market and culture or who have the required expertise to help take your business to the next level. Finding the right person abroad may be a challenging task if you do not have access to the right resources. Having a partner who has experience in recruitment can help simplify the process of expansion into Spain.

As one of the world’s leading HR and market entry solutions firms, we are able to help you grow your team in Spain. We aim to assist businesses in sourcing top talent for positions in mid management all the way up to executive level in an array of different industries.


Why Expand into Spain?


With a favorable location, developing opportunities and one of the world’s largest economies, Spain is an attractive destination for those who wish to expand their business to the region. There are many advantages to those who wish to do business there such as low labor costs, a large internal demand and favorable business conditions.


What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment?


In today’s times, even with a highly skilled population, finding the right staff has become an increasingly challenging task. The challenge is compounded when trying to source the talent in another country.

Our systematic approach allows for our recruitment specialists to find and recruit candidates in a fast and efficient manner. Depending on the needs of your business we adjust our sourcing strategy to suite the needs of the profile provided. Our process involves multiple steps which we have simplified in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

We can help your business:

  • By providing a better understanding of the HR market and practices in Spain.
  • Ensure compliance with local employment laws.
  • Focus on your company’s growth in the Spanish market, while we take care of your recruitment needs.
  • Simplify expansion into Spain with our comprehensive range of business solutions.


Why use INS Global as your Recruitment Agency in Spain?


With more than 15 years of experience in HR and recruitment INS Global the expertise and access to the right resources allowing us to find the right fit for your business. As a boutique recruitment agency, we have developed a carefully constructed process that can be flexible according to the needs of your business. Some important reasons to partner with us include:

  • Extensive network – we have a large network of professionals who vary in experience and who are working across various industries including IT, automotive, manufacturing, finance and many more.
  • Rigorous screening process – all candidates and profiles go through a rigorous screening and interview process before the final round of interviews with our clients. This ensures our clients only receive the highest quality profiles, enabling them to hire top quality talent.
  • Tailored process – we have a carefully constructed process that can be altered according to the needs of our clients. Whether you need to look for additional skills, incorporate aptitude tests or have any other special requests, we are able to accommodate your needs.
  • Innovative recruitment methods – our recruitment professionals stay up to date with the latest practices and trends in the recruitment industry. We ensure that we are always at the forefront of what we do.
  • Well-established brand – as we have been in operation for more than 15 years, we have helped hundreds of companies to find and hire the right staff. We pride ourselves on high quality service delivery and as such we have established long existing relationships with our clients.


INS Global in Spain


As on of the world’s leading HR solutions firms, INS Global is dedicated to helping our clients simplify their business expansions. We offer a range of different solutions all aimed at helping other businesses overcome administrative challenges in Spain. Whether you are looking to hire new staff, begin operations without setting up your own entity or ensure your staff get paid on time with all the necessary deductions being accounted for, contact us, and let us help you. Get in touch with one of our consultants today and start simplifying your business expansion.


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