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Solutions to keep your Chinese employees

The labor market in China is changing. Companies are facing a high turnover. Solutions exist to protect yourself against a high turnover and keep your Chinese employees.

Upstream, recruit motivated employees

Some of the work keeping employees is done upstream during the recruitment. Indeed, the recruitment period should not be taken lightly, it is important to ensure that candidates fit the position. A good resume is not enough, you have to understand the candidates and verify that they are really motivated to work in your company or in your industry.

One of the main questions that companies are asking themselves, including foreign companies in China is: whether or not to outsource recruitment? This choice must be done individually by each manager, keeping in mind that hiring a Chinese candidate is very different to recruiting a Western candidate.

It is also very important to clarify and clearly define the tasks of the future candidate. An employee who has well-defined tasks and is really motivated will probably easily stay in business.
Finally, be very clear about how you want to hire employees legally, especially if you do not have a structure in China. Do not let quality candidates slip through your hands because the paperwork for hiring takes longer than expected.

Offer attractive conditions

The period prior employment is crucial in order to keep your employees, the conditions of the position should be too. Chinese employees, especially in large cities, are increasingly demanding. It is important to offer them attractive terms, this is why you should learn about the market wages. Wage conditions in China vary depending on many factors, including cities, skills and qualifications, type of structure etc.

One of the first criteria that will encourage Chinese employees to change from one company to another is of course the salary, you must ensure that the proposed wage correspond to the expectations and qualifications of the employee.

Another solution has been implemented by different companies and seems to be a good remedy to turnover: offer flexible schedules. With this solution, employees can manage their time by themselves, then they are evaluated on their results. This solution involves regular monitoring by managers.

Offer individualized monitoring

Finally, to keep your employees, they must feel supported and confident in their work. For this, it is also important to initially offer an excellent training, so that they can be very familiar with the products or services offered. With this confidence in their work, they will have all the cards in hand to succeed. When employees are paid on commission, it is in their interest to maximize their results, so they should have a very good knowledge of the products but also regular training to improve for example their sales techniques.

Finally, the manager must be in constant contact with his team, by, for example, offering monthly meetings. During those meetings, he can listen to their suggestions and complaints and provide solid answers to their questions and needs. These appointments must be fairly frequent; decisions are made quickly in China, so it is important to frequently follow the evolution of employees. However, be careful not to raise only issues and areas for improvement during these appointments, the concept of “face” is very important, they should not feel accused and can sometimes misinterpret the “feedback” as criticism. This solution allows to individually follow each employee, to verify whether his work is satisfying and if he will stay in your company.

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