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Starting a Business in Macau

Are you looking to start a business in Macau? Whether you are looking to start a new business or expand your current operation INS Global can help you build your business in Macau. Our comprehensive range of services and reliable support offer your business all it needs in order to reach its goals.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Macau
  • Public Holidays in Macau
  • Working hours
  • Overtime policies
  • Rest periods
  • Holiday entitlements
  • Maternity leave
  • Sick leave in Macau
  • Termination in Macau
  • Healthcare in Macau

Doing Business in Macau

 Macau offers a business environment with very distinct characteristics. This Special Administrative Region of the People’s republic of China has gained its fame through being the gambling capital of the east. Although many comparisons have been drawn to Las Vegas, the amount of money spent in Macau is almost 3 times higher than that spent in Vegas.

Furthermore, the business friendly environment, geographical position and ease of doing business attracts many investors from all over the world. While there are a large number of foreign investors in Macau, there are regulations which limit the scope of activities investors can participate in.

Public Holidays in Macau

The following days are official public holidays celebrated in Macau:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Lunar New Year’s Day
  • The second day of the Lunar New Year
  • The Third day of the Lunar New Year
  • Cheng Ming Festival
  • Labor Day
  • National Day of the People’s Republic of China
  • The day after Chong Chao (Mid-Autumn) Festival
  • Chong Yueng Festival (Festival of the Ancestors)
  • Macau SAR Establishment day

Working Hours in Macau

The standard working hours in Macau is 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week, which translates to 6 working days a week. Generally, around 60% of employees work 6-day work weeks, especially those in the hotel, gambling and restaurant industries.

Depending on the industry and the type of work, an employer may request that an employee works overtime (a maximum of 12 hours in 1 work day), however it is necessary for an employee to consent. If an employer does consent to working overtime, an employer is required to provide the employee with additional rest time.

Overtime in Macau

Generally, an employee’s consent is required if an employer wants that employee to work overtime, however there are special circumstances in which the employee’s consent is not required, such as:

  1. if an employer receives a sudden, unexpected increase in workload;
  2. in cases of force majeure; or
  3. if the employer is facing considerable loss and the work is vital for business operations to continue, then the employee may be requested to work without granting consent.

 If an employee is forced to work overtime, the rate should be the employee’s normal salary with an increase of 50%.

Rest Periods in Macau

With regards to rest time during working hours, an employer is required to provide an employee with 30 minutes of rest after the employee has worked for a continuous period of 5 hours. An employer cannot force an employee to work more than 5 hours without taking a break.

In terms of rest days, employees are entitled to at least 1 rest day per week. An employer is not able to force an employee to work for more than 6 days without taking an obligatory rest day.

An employee can be forced to work on their rest day (in the same circumstances mentioned under overtime work), however if they are required to do so he/she will be entitled to an additional rest day, which should be designated within 30 days following the performance of the work. The employee is also entitled to full compensation for that day of work.  

Holiday Entitlement/Annual Leave in Macau

In terms of statutory holidays, an employee is entitled to take the statutory holiday day as a leave day without a reduction in pay.

According to Macau’s labor regulations employees are entitled to a minimum of 6 working days of paid annual leave in their subsequent year of service. If an employee’s service is more than 3 months, but less than 1 year, the employee is entitled to half a day of leave for every month of service that has been served.

Annual is to be taken during the calendar year in which it is due and can be accumulated for up to 2 years, only through agreement between both parties.

The period taken for annual leave shall be agreed between the parties and in the case that the parties cannot reach agreement, the annual leave can be determined by the employer, according to the needs of the business. An employee’s annual leave cannot be affected by justified absences.

If an employer prevents an employee of exercising their right to annual leave, the employee will be entitled to 3 times the amount of basic remuneration for the period of annual leave not taken.

Maternity Leave in Macau

Female employees are entitled to at least 56 days of maternity leave for the purpose of childbirth. Of the 56 days, 49 are required to be taken immediately after confinement and the rest can be taken at the discretion of the employee. If an employee wishes to take a part of the maternity leave before the confinement period, she must notify the employer at least 5 days in advance.

An employee is required to provide an employer with notice for the confinement period as soon as reasonably possible. The employee is also required to provide proof by means of a medical certificate from a licensed medical doctor.

Sick Leave in Macau

Absence from work due to sickness or injury is subject to a maximum period of 30 consecutive days or 45 non-consecutive days per calendar year. An employee who has completed probation is entitled to 6 days of fully paid leave for sickness or injury each year.

Termination in Macau

A labor contract may be terminated in one of the following ways:

  • Revocation – employer and employee mutually agree to terminate the contract, without notice and without compensation;
  • Rescission – Employer or employee can rescind the employment contract with or without just cause; or due to any serious circumstance making it impossible to continue the employment relationship;
  • Expiration – When the term of a contract has expired or when the object of the contract has been fulfilled; and
  • Denunciation – the employer or employee may denounce the labor contract during the probationary period.

Healthcare in Macau

  1. Public healthcare – There is only 1 public hospital in Macau, the ‘Hospital Conde S. Januario’. At this hospital all legal residents are able to get medical services free of charge, however they may be subject to long lines and slow service as it has a high occupancy rate.
  2. Private healthcare – There are 2 main hospitals that provide private healthcare, namely Kiang Wu Hospital and Macau University of Science and Technology Hospital (M.U.S.T). The fees vary depending on the treatment needed as well as from hospital to hospital. There are various healthcare insurance providers’ in Macau, which one may choose from according to their needs and affordability.

Starting a Business in Macau

If you are considering starting a business in Macau or if you want to expand your business to the island, INS Global may be the right partner to help your business overcome all the administrative hurdles. Our experts can assist you with company formation, payroll and tax services, recruitment and many more. We even offer a PEO service in Macau, which enables your business to hire staff and operate in Macau, without registering a separate legal entity. Contact us today to find out how to setup your business in Macau.

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