/The supremacy of Chinese tourists

The supremacy of Chinese tourists

Not so long ago, the American citizens were the first world’s most important tourists in number. At that time, we also heard a lot about them and their behavior. They get the stereotype of being displeasing, noisy, ostentatious and rude.

chinese touristBut today, it’s the chinese tourists who are before the americans, with all that it implies. Indeed, in end of 2012, there were 82 millions chinese tourists over the world. They also are the biggest spenders on the world with 102 billions dollars of expenses. The U.N. World Tourism Organization said that there will be 100 million Chinese citizens travel outside the country by 2015 (discover more about chinese tourists here).

One interesting news about that trend is that the Club Med, a French resort operator has recently received a proposal of buyout by a Chinese conglomerate named Fosun International. The conglomerate said it is for the expansion of the Club Med in China. This news proves us the growing importance of Chinese tourism in the world.

Bad behaviors from the Chinese tourists

Although, like Americans at their time, Chinese tourists suffers from different stereotypes and facts about their behaviors abroad. Indeed, here are the main reproaches of the Chinese tourists: littering, speak loudly, spitting, and bad conduct with their children. To illustrate that we can take the recent example of a young Chinese tourist who wrote on his name on a wall of an Egyptian Temple aged of 3500 years. It was a real buzz on the Chinese social medias and all over the world. The parents of the teenager made public apologies for the conduct of their son.

egypt tourist

That’s why the government has decided to react concerning these facts. Indeed, those actions harm the country’s image. The Vice Premier Minister Wang Yang held a speech concerning the behavior to have for Chinese tourists. He asks them to have a polite conduct. Along with the speech, the NTA (National Tourism Administration) decided to set up several rules on the Chinese central government’s website for the Chinese tourists so that the problem of Egypt won’t happen again. The government insists to say that each citizen has to be a civilized tourist.

Details about the new rules

Here are the different norms to be followed by the Chinese population:

– Maintain a clean environment
– Show courtesy with others
– Protect public infrastructure and utilities
– Protect cultural relics
– Comply with public orders
– Respect other people’s rights
– No spitting, jaywalking, littering and cutting queues

As the international and domestic travels are booming in China, officials ask the newly rich citizens to practice civilized tourism. They want them to be ambassadors of the Chinese nation. It was the first time that we saw such a declaration in the country.

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  1. Ryan August 9, 2013 at 8:49 am - Reply

    it’s interesting that the Chinese like to spend so much money shopping when they travel abroad. We’ll have to see in the coming years if their high spending habits please their hosts around the world enough to overlook the culture clashes and behavior issues.

  2. Real May 8, 2015 at 10:26 am - Reply

    Hello, Interesting but I have the feeling that chinese tourists behavior is better in 2015?

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