China Invests in Tourism
By now most everyone has seen the headlines “Chinese Economy in Trouble”, “Chinese Economy Unravels”, etc. but this is misleading. The economy has slowed from soaring 10% growth to more sustainable levels around 6-7%. However, even at 6-7% this still puts the growth … Read More

The demand of the green card for Chinese in the US has been increasing drastically in the last years. The Green card is the name for the United States Permanent Resident Card, it was formerly called Alien Registration Card. Its name comes from the fact that it used … Read More

The Chinese represent a strategic axis for the tourism development. They are much more inclined to travel abroad thanks to the increase of their purchasing power. The outbound tourism is growing rapidly, the segment increased approximately … Read More

For the past two decades three major topics have kept coming back in China: pollution, fast growing economy and fast paced Chinese tourism growth. What if there was a solution to accommodate the three topics into something that would … Read More

 The textile’s world in China is now at its peak. China gets most of the clothing global market and exceeds its main rivals from far. Indeed, it is difficult for any country in the world to compete against the giant Chinese industry. … Read More

Not so long ago, the American citizens were the first world’s most important tourists in number. At that time, we also heard a lot about them and their behavior. They get the stereotype of being displeasing, noisy, ostentatious and rude…. Read More