/Urban landscape metamorphosis in Beijing: Wangjing

Urban landscape metamorphosis in Beijing: Wangjing

Outside Beijing CBD and Sanlitun, there is another district in the east of Beijing which is favoured by companies to establish in Beijing, the Wangjing district. This district is a topic example of a little part of China that has become a part of the capital city and that is unrecognisable.


A fine place to have an apartment in Beijing

Wangjing is now a fine place to live in Beijing. This is one of the most active and thriving Beijing’s neighbourhoods, it is appreciated by foreigners because it is not very far from Shunyi and its international school. Expatriates with families do a sensible choice when they decide to settle in Wangjing, it is close from the largest business hubs, at reach from the international schools for the kids and you have easy access to Beijing airport.

Wangjing has a distinctive cosmopolitan atmosphere, with headquarters of German companies such as Mercedes in the area, many German expatriates are living there, but the largest foreign community in Wangjing is South Korea’s.  Around the Wangjing subway station you have a vast choice of Korean restaurants, whether you like Korean barbecue or the traditional stone pots with rice dishes.

Among the companies that have chosen Wangjing, there is LG, Panasonic, Microsoft, Mercedes, Siemens, Nestlé and the trend is going up with the development the district is undergoing. There is a lot of places where you can buy international foods and high standard shopping malls, the Wangjing Jiamao Shopping Center, the NOVO concept Mall, New World Department Store, Carrefour and Walmart. Still, the emblematic shopping place in Wangjing is the Beijing IKEA, still attracting a crowd of Chinese middle class young people longing for a new lifestyle.

If you are looking for an apartment in Wangjing, many residential compounds have high standards, and expatriates in Beijing find good accommodation in places such as Central Palace, Jiamei Fashion Center, Olive City, Ideal Spirit, Landscape Bay, City One, The Season’s. So far, with the quick rise of the rent in Beijing, Wangjing is a place with reasonable prices for large apartments.

From traditional village to urban avant-garde within a few years span

Be aware that Wangjing is a place undergoing dramatic transformation, like most parts of Beijing have undergone these past years. Hard to believe that less than 30 years ago, Wangjing was a scenic village in the suburb of Beijing. The village has been surrounded with new urban areas, the fields have disappeared and last act of this change, in 2012, what was left of Wangjing disappeared.

With its 1000 years of recorded history, Wangjing village has faded away. The 500 years old pagoda tree which was the pride of the inhabitants has been preserved and plated again inside Wangjing Park. In order to get everything quickly done, the villagers have received very high compensation. Now the transformation can really happen.

“In Beijing, wangjing is really Urban landscape metamorphosis” Explain the Founder of Beijing Relocation, an Apartment Agency in Beijing


What is under construction in Wangjing is huge.

Part of the project is supported by the Greenland Group, a company of real estate builders that have been very active in Shanghai. Their Douxiu Tower in Wangjing will be 260 meters high, with a woven structure.

Another group investing there is the Poly Real Estate Group, 3 buildings are planned in Wangjing, with designs reminiscent of Chinese traditional lanterns designed by Skidmore Owings & Merill.

The most awaited real estate project in Beijing

Still, the most expected tower here is the new Soho real estate project, Soho Wangjing. The project is advertised by Soho as the new Beijing Soho masterpiece, designed by the same architect than the Galaxy Soho in Chaoyang. The project is now well on its way and is expected to be achieved in 2014, it is thought to be a “set of aluminium and glass mountains”, with a maximum height of 200 meters. The place is now designed to be impressive because of its size but because of its elegance, with classy curves that can be admired from all angles. The architect Zaha Hadid introduces the project on her site, calling it Soho Peaks.

Overall, Wangjing’s new Beijing CBD is thought to be Beijing gates, in an attempt to mix tradition and innovation. This was a traditional way in Beijing, and the name which means “View on the capital” was given by the emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty. Now Wangjing is on the way from the airport to the city centre, and this is going to be a new Business District in Beijing since the first CBD has difficulties to develop within its limited boundaries.

If you want to witness the metamorphosis of a urban landscape, go and see Beijing Wangjing these years, a place which is undergoing a total transformation.

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