How to Hire a Foreigner in China: This article describes the complexities found by foreign companeis when hiring foreign workers in China.
It is no surprise that in order to be able to legally work in China, just like … Read More

China’s New Work Visa Policy 2017

Last update: June 30th, 2017
China’s new work visa policy implemented by the government will eventually affect all foreigners employed in the Mainland. These new policies are meant to simplify the process and paperwork, and to increase the quality … Read More

Due to the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the number of foreign students wanting to do their internships in China are increasing. Another factor is the evident increase in living standards in China due to the western influence and globalization. Growing numbers of … Read More

The Benefits of using Staff Management in China

The strong economic growth of China is attracting more and more foreign companies on the territory. However, the administrative procedures to be implemented to achieve can be long and complicated. Often factors such … Read More

The New Chinese Passports Upset its Neighbors

Recently, Vietnam and the Philippines have refused to grant visas to Chinese citizens who hold passports of the Middle Kingdom. The reason? China has recently issued … Read More

Overview of the Event
On October 26th, 2016 INS hosted its first event at Must Grill, Shanghai. The event was sponsored by FIELDS and XPATS TRAVEL and approximately 50 guests attended. It was focused to expatriates and entrepreneurs living in Shanghai planning on doing business in China…. Read More

This week we present you an interview of Wei Hsu, CEO of INS Global Consulting


– Hello Wei Hsu, thank you for receiving us.
Could you introduce yourself in a few words for those who do not know you yet?… Read More

It is important to know that at any time, the Public Security Bureau (PSB) of entrance and exit may cancel your visa or residence permit. Obviously this does not happen often and only if you are considered as not complying with regulations related to visa or if you … Read More

Aymeric Dehont

This week, INS decided to interview a consultant working within the Wine and Spirit industry, in China.
We asked him to share his experience within the Middle Kingdom and to give some advices to anyone willing to … Read More

Extended durations will enable Chinese travelers to have easier access to the United States, but could also result in a surge in wealthy nationals moving away for good, as Wang Qian reports.
Improvement in visa regulations for Chinese tourists is a good idea to boost the Chinese … Read More