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Visa for Singapore

Due to the ease of doing business, the business-friendly environment and strong legal system, it is no wonder why many people and businesses opt for Singapore as their destination of choice when considering the Asian market. However, a necessary part of entering the market is obtaining a work permit in order for you, or your employees, to work or do business in Singapore legally. Below we have listed the relevant ways to obtain a work permit as well as the requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Note: Instead of the term ‘work visa’, the term ‘work permit’ or ‘pass’ is employed in Singapore.


  • Visas for Singapore
  • Professionals
  • Employment pass
  • Entrepreneur Pass
  • Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)
  • Skilled and semi-skilled workers
  • S pass
  • Work permit for a foreign worker
  • How INS can help you


Employment Pass

The Employment Pass is for professionals who intend on working in Singapore and is tied to an employer who applies for the permit for you. For such employees, no quota is imposed. The Employment Pass is for foreign professionals, managers or executives. In order to obtain this pass, the applicant has to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Secured employment in Singapore;
  • Earn at least $3 600 a month; and
  • Have good qualifications.

Entrepreneur Pass

The Entrepreneur pass, alternatively known as the EntrePass, is a permit granted to foreign entrepreneurs who intend on starting or carrying their operations to Singapore. If you want to do business in Singapore, this would apply to you. This type of pass, however, is sector specific and applies to those entrepreneurs who are in the high technology sector or are starting a new venture centered around research & development (R&D). The requirements for the applicant to obtain the permit are as follows:

  • He/she must register a private limited company that, at the time of application, is less than 6 months old;
  • He/she must own at least 30% of shares in the company;
  • He/she must have a track record or previous experience in the creation and management of a business;
  • He/she must have proof of capital of at least S$50,000; and
  • He/she must submit a business plan, of at least 10 pages, which sets out the details and objectives of the enterprise.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

This permit is for exceptionally high level/high earning candidates, who are often considered experts or gold collar professionals. The following requirements must be met:

  • He/she must earn a minimum fixed salary of at least S$144 000 annually;
  • He/she must not be unemployed for a period of 6 consecutive months or longer; and
  • He/she must have at least S$18 000 as their last drawn monthly salary.

Skilled and semi-skilled workers

S Pass

This permit is applicable to mid-level staff who possess a mid-range position in a company or are considered semi-skilled. For this permit, there is quota that is imposed, however the quota differs from sector to sector. Such persons are able to obtain the permit, provided the following requirements are met:

  • He/she must earn at least S$2,400 a month; and
  • He/she must have good educational qualifications.

Work permit for a foreign worker

This permit may be obtained by persons working in the construction, marine shipyard, manufacturing or service industry.

There are various other permits which may be obtained for other types of workers such as foreign domestic workers, nannies, performers, students, trainees and family members, among others.

How INS Global can help you

Even though Singapore is considered a great place for foreigners to work or do business, you may still encounter some difficulty setting up and obtaining the correct permits. As a PEO present in Singapore, INS Global is able to effectively address all your human resource needs. INS Global is a well-established HR consultancy that can allow you enter and hire people in Singapore, without first establishing a foreign entity. No matter the size of your company, our consultants can assist you in obtaining a permit to work or do business in Singapore.

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