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What documents are needed to set up a WFOE in China?
WFOE documents

Nowadays, registering a WFOE in China is much easier compared to before, yet many foreign investors may still find it exhausting to get the necessary documents in order to get their businesses company up and running. As a market entry consultant, INS Global can help you organise all the relevant documents and certificates required for you to quickly and efficiently set up your company in China.

When registering a company in China, you must submit the following documents:

  • Copy of Business License of the parent foreign company which was certificated by the Chinese Embassy (If it’s personal investor, it will be the passport copy certificated by the Chinese Embassy)
  • Business scope, preferred company names (providing at least two, putting your preferred company name first)
  • Credit letters from the foreign bank to prove that you have a good history of credit within the last six months
  • A CV, copy of passport photo page and four passport photos of the legal representative of the WFOE
  • Brief introduction of the foreign investors, including names, addresses and telephone numbers (not required in the case of a personal investor)
  • Copies of the passport photo page of members of the board 
  • Total investment, registered capital and pay-up schedule
  • Registered address, leasing contract, ownership certificate of the real estate (the real estate should be built for commercial use), and certificate for leasing
  • Latest annual audit report copy from the parent company provided by a certified public accountant (required for a Trading WFOE)

You may need to provide additional documents in the following cases:

If you want to register a Manufacturing WFOE in China, you also need to provide the following:

  • Business purpose and estimated investment
  • WFOE’s operational structure and number of employees
  • Description of products, size of production, detailed list of equipment, and business plan
  • Permission for land use, environment evaluation report
  • Environmental protection measures
  • Requirement for utilities such as power and water supply

Upon completion, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Approval letter (issued by the Ministry of Commerce)
  • Certificate of Approval for establishment of enterprises with foreign investment in China (Original)
  • Business registration certificate (Original and duplicate)
  • Official seals (Common seal, finance seal, legal person’s seal, contract seal)
  • Articles of Association
  • Enterprise code certificate (Original, duplicate and IC card)
  • Bank account open approval certificate (Original)
  • Tax registration certificate (Original and duplicate)
  • Statistical license (Original)
  • Certificate of foreign exchange (Original)

Tips for a hassle-free company incorporation in China:

There are many documents required to register a WFOE in China. Foreign investors need to consider the development direction of the company before registration, so as to better decide the registered address, registered capital and business scope. You will also need to understand the registration procedures of a WFOE and what documents are needed in the different application stages.

When you have prepared all the required documents, you can either submit them to the relevant authorities yourself or find an agency to help you deal with the application. Consulting a professional experienced agency will always save you time and ensure there are no delays in the process. You can find detailed information on how to successfully register a WFOE in INS Global’s Ultimate WFOE Guide.

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