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Our easy-to-use digital platform simplifies all your HR operations, covering a wide range of functionalities and conditions.

Quickly view and manage invoices, cash advances, and employee expense requests.

Initiate cash advances for flexibility in managing finances.

Allow employees to submit expenses and managers to approve them seamlessly at home and abroad.

Access, review, or download important contracts with ease.

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Use AI-assisted metrics and analytics to boost your efficiency


Work in a variety of currencies across 100+ countries

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GlobalView is a one-stop solution that enables you to manage your payroll processing online and in a way that suits your needs. It’s a digital tool that streamlines payroll management across multiple countries or regions with the support of global payroll experts.

Using a digital payroll platform like GlobalView can save you time, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy of your payroll process. A professional payroll platform ensures compliance with local and international tax laws and regulations, allowing your HR team to focus on other tasks.
Yes, GlobalView has been designed with robust security measures in place to protect sensitive payroll data according to international data protection guidelines. It employs the highest level of encryption, secure servers, and strict access controls to guarantee your company’s and your employees’ safety worldwide.
GlobalView easily handles payroll for employees in multiple countries or regions with distinct regulatory requirements and integrates them into a single platform. It leverages the best local expertise and compliance knowledge to ensure your payroll adheres to all local regulations.
GlobalView offers numerous customizable solutions, and it’s constantly being updated to offer new and improved functions.
GlobalView provides the best in up-to-date reporting and analytics tools, allowing you to track payroll costs, employee trends, and compliance metrics across every country or region you’re operating in.
GlobalView includes the option to make currency conversions for international payments automatically and integrates local knowledge to ensure compliance with local tax laws in all your operating areas.
INS Global understands the importance of having human support whenever and wherever you need it. That’s why our professional tax and payroll advisors are on hand to provide a solution whenever you run into an issue.
GlobalView’s simple all-in-one monthly fee varies according to your needs, based on a combination of employee numbers, processing, and transaction fees. This means you only pay for the services you need, with no hidden fees or extra charges for unwanted features.

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Expand Your Workforce Abroad Effortlessly

This approach allows you to outsource the international hiring process quickly and efficiently, providing access to a global talent pool while still managing payroll compliance in each applicable country.