Sep 30th, 2019

Invoicing Solutions: 3 reasons to choose INS Global

Outsourcing the payroll and tax is a great strategy for foreign companies as it can save time and ensures they focus on core business activities, removing the need for a dedicated internal term. Mo

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Dec 02th, 2019

Our top tips for recruiting top international talent

Recruiting international talent fills the talent gaps for skills that are deficient in your country, making your company more competitive and your workforce more diverse. If you apply the correct m

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Nov 25th, 2019

Save time: Outsource accounting and administrative procedures

The world of business is undergoing rapid change thanks to globalisation. For companies that want to grow their business internationally, outsourcing accounting and administrative procedures i

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Nov 18th, 2019

Mouyana N’Daw
: HR & On-boarding Specialist

Tell us about your career. Before coming to Shanghai you lived and worked in London, right? Indeed! I travelled quite a bit before coming back to Shanghai, as I’m always keen to discover new cult

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Nov 11th, 2019

Sandra Ciecka
Sales Developer

Tell us about your career path, how did a Toulousaine like yourself end up in Shanghai? I’m actually from Montauban, not far from Toulouse. In 2013, I had the opportunity to go on holiday to Shan

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Nov 07th, 2019

Labor Contract Law of China: Special Dispositions to Know

There are many special dispositions of the Labor Contract Law of China in regard to collective contracts, labor dispatch and part-time employment. To learn about these special dispositions will giv

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Nov 04th, 2019

#INSTeam: Rosana Le HR and Recruitment Consultant

Tell us about your career path. You graduated from high school in Bayonne, when and why did you settle in Shanghai? In high school, I specialised in literature and Chinese as a foreign language, wh

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Oct 28th, 2019

#INSTeam: Jayous Mata, Senior HR and Recruitment Consultant

Tell us your story, how did you go from growing up in the Philippines to working in Shanghai?  I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management in 2007 when I received an acc

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Oct 21th, 2019

Wei Hsu
Managing Director

Tell us about INS and what you do. INS Global offers a tailored solution for foreign companies seeking to expand their business in the Asia-Pacific region. Whether you’re a SME or a multinational

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Oct 17th, 2019

101 Labour Contracts: Revocation and Termination

After a labour contract is concluded, both parties may revoke it if they reach an agreement on the matter through a joint consultation. Let’s look at the different scenarios in which a contra

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