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Feb 25th, 2021

Top 7 Benefits of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing)? RPO is the full or partial outsourcing of a company’s internal recruitment function to an outside specialist or external organization that acts as th

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Feb 19th, 2021

China looking for stronger exports to Japan in 2021

China Daily reports that soaring demand from China lifted Japan’s exports to their first monthly increase in more than two years in December, government data showed, offering a glimmer of hop

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Feb 18th, 2021

Employer of Record: Definition, What You Need to Know, and Benefits

Businesses have a clear sense of why they plan for a global expansion. They aim to build their brand, reach new customers, diversify markets, and increase their sales. However, many companies hope

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Feb 10th, 2021

Investing in Singapore: What You Need to Know

With its magnificent architecture, verdant green spaces, and blend of cultural diversity, Singapore has become a must for those visiting Asia. If you look a little deeper, you will find that there

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Feb 09th, 2021

Singapore: Going Green for Asia and the World

Singapore is a place where history, principles and economics have been brought together creating a unique balance. The ‘Garden City’, a nickname of which locals are justly proud, has it

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Jan 27th, 2021

EntrePass: Guide to Singapore Entrepreneur Visa for Foreigners

What is an EntrePass Singapore? If you are an entrepreneur, experienced innovator, or investor looking to start a business or relocate to Singapore, the Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass is for you. T

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Jan 26th, 2021

New government agencies established to support Singapore’s booming business environment

From the tech news site Analytics Insight, a January 19 article provided an overview of the region’s recent growth trajectory. The article noted that, several Singapore government agencies ha

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Jan 25th, 2021

First blockchain-based health certificates issued at Changi Airport

International SOS, the International Chamber of Commerce, and AOKpass Pte. Ltd. have announced the first use of ICC AOKpass to provide a digitally verifiable COVID-19 health certificates for entran

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Jan 22th, 2021

China moving to the forefront on the development of Digital Cash

China is moving aggressively to co-opt frontrunner status in the development of digital currency, according to a recent report by central banking publication BIS.  Expected to become the first

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Jan 22th, 2021

E-Invoicing in Taiwan: What You Need to Know

Anyone working in a foreign environment should be aware of the relevant tax laws, but knowing the basics when the rules change can be tricky. While it might sound like a matter of convenience, invo

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