Business: looking to launch in China stress-free? Make it easy with INS GLOBAL-CONSULTING

Launching a company in China is not easy. It is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the country’s laws and administrative subtleties. For this, it’s better to surround yourself with those in the know. This is where INS GLOBAL-CONSULTING comes in, with over ten years of experience with foreign companies [...]

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Understanding WFOE regulations

What is a WFOE?   A Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) is a limited company in China whose capital is entirely held by one or several foreign partners. It is the most commonly-used company structure for foreign investors entering the Chinese market. To facilitate this integration, INS Global Consulting has been assisting [...]

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5 Tips to make your recruitment campaign appealing to the Chinese market

With the exponential growth of foreign companies setting up in China, managers are facing fierce competition to attract the best talent in their team. An effective recruitment campaign run by an agency such as INS Global Consulting can help you discover rare gems.   A competitive salary package Money does not [...]

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What you need to know about the minimum wage in China

Speaking of China, it’s probably more appropriate to speak about “minimum wages” instead of one single minimum wage. With its experience in dealing with this complicating particularity, INS Global Consulting can accompany its clients with wage negotiations during recruitment.   Regional variations in the minimum wage   One of the particularities [...]

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China, invoicing and FAPIAOS

Commercial transactions in China are particularly regulated, especially when it comes to operational invoicing. It is obligatory to use specific invoices registered at, and provided by, the tax bureau. These are called “FAPIAOS”. What are FAPIAOS for? In China, only the tax bureau is allowed to print invoices. Any financial transaction [...]

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WFOE: the quick and simple solution for launching a business in China

Are you looking to establish yourself in China by setting up a business? Between your brave initial decision and your first signed contract, the road can be a long, challenging and demoralizing one. Launching a business in China: a real headache - The Chinese culture barrier To penetrate the Chinese market, [...]

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Made in China 2025: Ramifications for Foreign Companies

Made in China 2025 is one two mammoth economic efforts announced in the last decade aimed at solidifying China’s global economic prowess (the other being One Belt and One Road initiative). The Made in China 2025 program is a comprehensive strategy to upgrade China’s manufacturing base by adopting ‘intelligent manufacturing’ principles, [...]

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Repatriating Profits From China as a Foreign Investor

China has long since maintained strict foreign exchange controls - a common concern and headache among foreign investors. Businesses will naturally think twice about investing in the first place if they are unsure of their ability to repatriate profits. Recent economic news in China has increased these concerns. Since the massive [...]

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Tips for Employee Retention in China

Low employee retention in China is a major issue for companies across a variety of industries. According to a survey conducted by Hay’s recruiting, 35% of employees left their company within 2 to 4 years.[1]  Fourteen percent left their employer within 2 years.  Additionally, a gallup survey from 2012 showed that [...]

2018-12-28T19:15:17+08:00August 20th, 2018|

China’s Rules on Outbound Investment: Where Are We Now?

China's rules on outbound investment shifted considerably following the surge in capital outflows in 2016. In December 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued a new system regulating outbound investment outlined in the Administrative Measures for Enterprise Outbound Investment. The new rules bring changes to the reporting and monitoring [...]

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Corporate Investigations in China

Since China’s corruption crackdown began, the authorities have caught a number of foreign companies engaging in corrupt practices. The Chinese government has sent a series of strong messages to foreign companies. For example, in 2014, GlaxoSmithKline was found to have been bribing doctors. Authorities ordered the company to pay a fine [...]

2018-12-28T18:59:31+08:00August 5th, 2018|

Gauging China’s Economic Growth

China’s economic growth remains remarkably high even after years of GDP growth exceeding 10 percent in the recent past. The IMF’s growth forecast for China’s 2018 GDP growth is 6.6%.[1] While China’s growth remains substantial, a number of pessimists argue that growth may slow down to a grinding halt in coming [...]

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