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INS Global has the experience and expertise to help you overcome the challenges of creating a representative office in China.
The interesting aspect of these new rules is that they make the myths surrounding Chinese law even more treacherous if you fall into those traps.
Companies utilizing trade shows and exhibitions as business development and marketing platforms with potential clients and buyers attending, is not a new concept at all.
Attempting to unilaterally change an employment contract can be very risky for companies, often resulting in legal fees and lengthy disputes.
Our inhouse workspace rental solutions provide a focused environment for you to make it big in this rapidly developing city. Learn how INS Global can help you.
South Korea, also known as the Asian Dragon, is one of the most important global economic powers. Its main business is geared towards a fast-evolving regulatory environment.
Over the last 60 years, Malaysia has developed and become one of the most attractive regional hubs for services within South East Asia.
Indonesia is proudly ranked within the most attractive Asian countries, and the rapidly increasing spending power has rapidly created great business opportunities.
As the world’s fifth largest economy by nominal GDP, the Indian market presents tremendous opportunities for businesses wishing to expand abroad.
The United Arab of Emirates is a consistently evolving market offering exciting opportunities for those who are willing to tap into a new market.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain, or commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK), is one of the most prosperous and stable economies worldwide.
France is a popular destinations for foreign investment with a well-developed economy with a legal system that is in line with EU standards.
Tell us your story, how did you go from growing up in the Philippines to working in Shanghai? I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management in 2007...
Recently, the possible project about forming a giant Chinese oil major through the merge of PetroChina and Sinopec has risen again. The Chinese authorities...
Employing someone in Germany can be difficult. Compliance measures mean employers are responsible for a lot. PEO and EOR providers offer a simple solution.
Employee leasing companies and PEO service providers are good ways to hire staff overseas. By leasing employees or using a PEO to provide HR you grow safely.
Proximity bias is a problem that has become more of a problem since the growth of remote work and hybrid offices. Many remote employees feel treated differently
The Great Resignation is a wave of resignations and unemployment after the COVID-19 pandemic. We see how it is in Canada and why EOR can reduce its effects.