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Employment Services in Japan

Expanding your business in a new country has always been known as a challenging task. With a lot of administrative barriers, business owners and managers often have difficulty in finding a departure point.To assist you in establishing and maintaining your business operations in Japan, INS acts as a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). In this capacity, we act on your behalf to hire and employee Japanese staff for your organization.


What Do We Offer?

INS Global provides comprehensive administrative and legal support for hiring local professionals to develop your business in Japan. Among these services are setting up payroll structure for employees in Japan, assisting with employment contract negotiations, and other relevant administrative procedures. We use our local legal expertise to ensure that our clients comply with Japanese employment laws and regulations, thus avoiding high fines and legal complications.


INS Global can carefully tailor employment services to the nuances of your on-the-ground needs in Japan. In doing so, we give clients the chance to maximize their focus on their core business at they enter the Japanese market.


Conducting your core business in a new market is complicated enough. We eliminate the need for you to deal with the administrative and legal complexities of the Japanese business environment so that you can put your efforts where they will count the most.


Employer of Record in Japan

As a global employer of record (EOR), we help businesses operate in many different countries. In Japan, we take on the legal responsibility of hiring staff on behalf of your enterprise. This means that your employee will be registered as a staff member of our company, but he or she will carry out the duties of your enterprise.


The major benefit of using an EOR is that when entering Japan, your business does not need to setup its own entity. As the EOR, we take on the administrative duty for you. This offers a cost effective, low risk way for your company to enter Japan.


Employment Services Japan : features

  •  No need to establish a local entity
  • Cost-effective way to expand in Japan
  • Low risk and investment
  • Enables companies to focus 100% on its core activity


What Does Our Employment Services Include?

Our mission is to ease your employees’ management.Therefore our services are inclusive of the following:


Post-employment responsibilities : ensure the future of your company and employees


Payroll Management

When you use our employer of record services in Japan, your employees will be part of INS Global’s payroll. As such, our finance department does all the necessary calculations and administers the payroll for your Japan employees. These calculations may include expenses, deductions, social contributions, taxes, bonus payments, and any other adjustments that need to be made.  


Contract renewal

INS will support the employee contract renewal process for clients and ensure that all contracts are compliant with employment laws and regulations in Japan.


Termination negotiation

With employment rules that are entirely different from the home country, terminating a contract in Japan can be a difficult process for many companies. Using Japanese legal expertise, INS smoothens out this process and helps reduce all associated risks of contract termination.


INS Global in Japan

If you are considering doing business in Japan, INS Global offers a fast and low risk method to enter the Japanese market. We are also able to help you find top talent, invoice clients and much more. To find out more about our comprehensive set of services, get in touch with us today.

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