Why Setup a Company in Hong Kong?

Due to its attractive tax system framework, minimal governmental intervention in foreign business activities, simplistic registration procedures and economic stability, Hong Kong has become a very attractive area in which to set up a foreign enterprise.

INS helps foreign investors register limited liability Hong Kong companies. By establishing a Limited Liability company, shareholders can perform business operations with a high level of flexibility. As an added benefit, there is no existing need for contributions by native investors and the minimum share capital is 1 HK$.

Our Service Features

  • Bank account opening

  • Enrollment and/or termination of employees

  • Monthly payroll and MPF contributions

  • Employer returns

What Are the Conditions?

  • Between 1 to 50 investors

  • A Director and a Secretary assigned to the company

  • A registered address in Hong Kong

Tax Environment

Hong Kong´s tax system allows companies to be taxed solely on revenue made within Hong Kong’s territory, leaving foreign-made profits tax-free. Furthermore, many common taxes in other countries are not present in Asia’s business capital, for example VAT, property tax, dividend tax nor interest tax. However, a few tax contributions remain mandatory for foreign businesses:

Income Tax

 Corporate Tax – 16.5%
 Individual Tax – 15%

Social Security

Employee – 5%
Employer – 5%


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