Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

Why set up a company in Hong Kong?

Due to its attractive tax system framework, business friendly regulatory environment, simple registration procedure and economic stability, Hong Kong has become an popular option for foreign businesses looking to establish themselves abroad. INS Global helps foreign investors register limited liability Hong Kong companies. By establishing a Limited Liability company, shareholders can perform business operations with a high level of flexibility. As an added benefit, there is no existing need for contributions from native investors and the minimum share capital is 1 HKD.

Our service includes:

  • Assistance opening a Hong Kong bank account
  • Hire and/or termination of employees
  • Monthly payroll and MPF contributions
  • Employer returns

What are the requirements?

  • Between 1 to 50 investors
  • A Director and a Secretary assigned to the company
  • A registered address in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s tax environment

Hong Kong´s tax system allows companies to be taxed solely on revenue made within Hong Kong’s territory, leaving foreign-made profits tax-free. Furthermore, many common taxes in other countries are not present in Asia’s business capital, for example VAT, property tax, dividend tax nor interest tax. However, a few tax contributions remain mandatory for foreign businesses:

Income Tax

  • Corporate Tax – 16.5%
  • Individual Tax – 15%

Social Security

  • Employee – 5%
  • Employer – 5%

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Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

Our service includes:

  • 1Assistance opening a Hong Kong bank account
  • 2Hire and/or termination of employees
  • 3Monthly payroll and MPF contributions
  • 4Employer returns

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