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Employer of Record in Monaco

Expanding to Monaco? EOR Services Help You Hire Globally, Pay Locally, and Expand Effortlessly

When it comes to global business expansion, INS Global is the perfect guide to navigating common international employment complexities. With our experienced Employer of Record in Monaco, you can recruit, hire, and oversee employees without needing to establish or manage a local entity. This streamlines your expansion plans and empowers your business to grow faster than ever before. 

Our PEO services in Monaco provide a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution for sourcing and managing local talent. With INS Global’s renowned PEO services available worldwide, you can effortlessly handle an international workforce from anywhere. INS Global has over a decade of experience empowering businesses to launch in over 100 countries around the world. 

Acting as the authorized employer, our dedicated Employer of Record (EOR) in Monaco handles all HR activities on your behalf. This streamlined process allows for rapid expansion in a matter of days, saving you time and costs. 

Employer of Record in Monaco - Summary

Employer of Record in Monaco

The Advantages of Using a Professional Employer Organization in Monaco

Legal Compliance

A PEO has local experience that can help you launch in a new market efficiently while minimizing risk in Monaco. PEO services also ensure that you can hire and manage employees while abiding by the latest labor regulations.  

Cut Expansion Costs

Working with a local PEO allows you to streamline your expansion plans and drastically reduce your overheads. This empowers your business to expand in a more cost-efficient way. 

Grow Your Business Efficiently

PEOs in Monaco manage all the HR-related responsibilities on behalf of your business. In this way, you can focus on growing your business faster than ever before. 

Expand Seamlessly

If you were to set up a new company abroad, the entire process could take between 4 and 12 months. Working with a PEO is more effective and can have you up and running in less than a week. 

Manage Your HR Online

 INS Global offers you a way to manage your diverse workforce seamlessly and remotely. This allows you to keep your finger on the pulse no matter where you are in the world. 

Why Choose an EOR in Monaco Over Company Incorporation?

Establishing a new company can get complicated and time-consuming in Monaco. EOR support from a local EOR provider simplifies the entire process and allows you to grow your business seamlessly abroad. 

Working with a Monégasque EOR… 

  • Saves time 
  • Reduces costs 
  • Ensures legal compliance 
  • Empowers growth 
testimonial from Manuel Ramos


Manuel Ramos


Managing Director

We think INS Global is a good solution about starting in a market like China. Understanding the market doesn’t mean you need to set up a company immediately. 


How Does an EOR In Monaco Work?

INS Global’s PEO in Monaco allows your company to expand overseas in 4 simple steps 

  1. We work with your business to create a customized expansion plan that’s perfect for your individual business needs. 
  2. Our organization provides a legal entity to help hire and manage staff in Monaco. 
  3. We handle HR-related tasks such as recruitment, contract management, and payroll processing to ensure legal compliance. 
  4. Your employees focus on your goals while we take care of HR and compliance. 

The Difference Between PEO And Employer of Record Services in Monaco?

When expanding your business internationally, you may see companies references both PEO (Professional Employment Organization) or EOR (Employer of Record) services in Monaco. Here are the differences you should know about them: 

  • PEOs offer HR-related services to your employees and take care of tasks such as managing payroll, tax deductions, and contracts.  
  • EORs are very similar to PEOs but can also recruit and manage employees on your behalf. 
  • In a PEO arrangement, the employment contract typically remains between you and the employee,with the PEO acting as co-employer. 
  • In an EOR arrangement, you direct the employment contract, but it is made between the EOR and the employee on your behalf. 

Labor Law in Monaco - 2024

Employment Contracts in Monaco

  • Employment in Monaco should always come with a written offer of employment. 
  • Employers can include a probation period of 6 days for employees paid by the hour and 1 month for employees paid monthly. 
  • Employers can terminate the employee without the need for severance during or after the probation period. 
  • The employment contract should describe the nature of the contract and include a description of the employee’s role. 
  • An employer can end the contract at any time if the employee violates the conditions of their employment contract. 
  • Employers don’t have to give official notice to employees that have been working for less than 6 months. However, 1 month notice is necessary for employees that have been with the company for more than 6 months but less than 2 years. If the employee has been with the company for more than 2 years, 2 months’ notice is required.  
  • In cases of redundancy, aeverence pay can vary depending on the circumstances. Employees are generally entitled to 1/4 of their monthly salary for every year of service for the first 10 years. If they have been with the company for more than 10 years, they are entitled to 1/3 of their monthly salary for each year at the company. 

Working Hours in Monaco

  • The working week in Monaco starts on Monday and ends on Friday. 
  • Full-time employees generally work 8 hours per day, 39 hours per week. 
  • Employees have a maximum working time of 10 hours per day. 
  • Part-time employees work around 20 hours per week. 
  • Employees are entitled to a higher hourly rate for working overtime. This is 125% of the normal hourly rate. 

Annual Leave in Monaco

  • Monaco has 13 official public holidays. 
  • Employees are entitled to 2.5 days of paid leave per month that they have worked per year.  
  • The period of leave can’t be more than 30 days at one time.  
  • Part-time employees have the same right to paid leave as full-time employees.  
  • The number of paid days leave increases as employees stay with the company longer.  
  • 2 additional days are added after 20 years of service, 4 days are added after 25 years, and 6 days are added after 30 years. 

Sick Leave in Monaco

  • Monégasque labor law states that sick leave should not count as paid leave unless the employment contract states otherwise.  
  • Days of absence due to illness should not be deducted from an employee’s paid leave. 
  • Long-term sick leave is when an employee is ill for more than 28 consecutive days. 

Maternity / Paternity Leave in Monaco

  • According to Monégasque labor law, female employees are entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave. This increases to 26 weeks after a third child. 
  • An allowance is paid during maternity leave.  
  • Pregnant employees are not obligated to disclose that they are pregnant to the employer until they wish to take maternity leave.  
  • Employees should notify their employer verbally or by written letter.  
  • Fathers can take 12 consecutive calendar days of paternity leave after the birth of their child.  
  • This increases to 19 days for multiple births or if this is the third child at home

Tax Laws in Monaco

  • Employers in Monaco are responsible for deducting all taxes and social contributions. 
  • Employees in Monaco are not subject to income tax unless they are from France. This tax rate only applies to employees that live in Monaco.  
  • Employers are expected to contributethe equivalent of 15.05% of the employee’s salary toward an employee’s sickness contribution, 8.03% toward the state pension, and 4.05% toward unemployment insurance.  
  • Employees contribute an equivalent of 6.55% for the state pension and 2.4% for unemployment insurance from their salary. 
  • The corporate income tax rate in Monaco is 25%. 
Employer of Record in Monaco


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No, it is necessary to use a local entity abroad to comply with each country labor law.

Foreign companies can either set up a local entity in each country or use the services a local PEO (Professional Employment Organization) to hire the staff on-site directly.

The employer of record is the legal entity liable for the staff employed in a specific country. In practice, a foreign company can either open a subsidiary to become the employer of record of its abroad employees or use a PEO to act as the employer of record.

Liabilities may vary from country to country and include all the staff management responsibilities: labor contract issues, payroll management, and tax compliance, social security management, expenses claim declaration, hiring and termination
procedures, etc.

In general, 1-month is necessary to have an employee based out abroad using an existing PEO as the employe of record. When incorporating a new subsidiary to be the employer of record, the delay varies from 4-12 months.

PEO services streamline your expansion plan, and the costs are typically based on a percentage of your employee’s salary. 

Certainly, working with an Employer of Record in Monaco is a legal and efficient solution that streamlines your expansion plans while reducing costs. 

Salaries are usually processed monthly for full-time employees, while part-time workers may prefer weekly or bi-monthly payments. Employers deduct taxes and social contributions at source. 

INS Global simplifies and streamlines recruitment, hiring, and staff management, reducing costs associated with managing an international workforce. 

Absolutely, a Monégasque Employer of Record can recruit and hire employees from all regions, expanding your talent pool. 

Modifications to employment contracts require mutual agreement. A Monégasque PEO ensures compliance with local labor laws. 

Yes, employers in Monaco are responsible for deducting taxes and social contributions from employee salaries. 

INS Global tailors its services to your specific needs, assisting you in recruiting and hiring as many employees as necessary for your expansion plans. 

Termination costs vary depending on the circumstances. Employees are generally entitled to 1/4 of their monthly salary for every year of service for the first 10 years. If they have been with the company for more than 10 years, they are entitled to 1/3 of their monthly salary for each year. 

In Monaco, you have the flexibility to hire employees for both in-person and remote opportunities, ensuring cost-efficiency during market entry. 

Certainly! Our recruitment experts have extensive experience in hiring top talent globally. We provide comprehensive support in recruiting, hiring, and managing your workforce, regardless of your location. 

Monaco observes 13 public holidays, and most employees are entitled to a paid day off. Working on these holidays usually involves a higher hourly rate. 

Employers must adhere to strict labor laws and regulations to avoid penalties and fines. Collaborating with an experienced PEO in Monaco ensures compliance and seamless expansion. 

Absolutely! INS Global facilitates the recruitment and management of a diverse workforce remotely, making it easy to hire both Monégasque citizens and foreigners.