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This article outlines the 2022 minimum wage data for key international markets we serve in Europe, Asia, and North America.  
Whether you are an independent contractor or a company looking to employ overseas contractors, it's hard to organize and manage payroll without a local entity.
China has recently announced the removal of the PU letter, or entry invitation, for many foreigners looking for work or business visas in China.
A joint venture is a business agreement in which at least two parties pool their respective resources in order to achieve a specific objective.
Learn about labor regulations and practices surrounding termination of contracts and severance pay in Spain.
A sales office in China is formed by the outsourcing the legal and administrative management of a foreign company’s representatives to a HR agency (PEO).
Small and medium-sized foreign companies in China usually use the services of headhunting companies for their recruitment, in most cases
Umbrella Companies or PEO (Professional Employment Organizations) are agencies who handle the majority of the back office or administrative and judicial duties of a business.