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Hiring Gen Z Workers: Information for Global Employers

Hiring Gen Z Workers: Information for Global Employers

April 8, 2022


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Key Takeaways

  1. Many expect that by 2025, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce
  2. Gen Z workers see work-life balance as more important than any previous generation
  3. Gen Z employees require workplaces that value social relationships and take mental and emotional health seriously

Staying up to date on the latest hiring trends is essential for any company in any industry. Hiring Gen Z workers to maintain a healthy influx of new ideas comes with new challenges. Overcoming these challenges is critical for any global employer wanting to benefit from this highly skilled and innovation-centric generation.


Who are Gen Z Workers?


Gen Z, those born between the late 90s and early 2010s, are beginning to enter the workforce in large numbers. Increasing racial and ethnic diversity, familiarity with technology, and an overall positive attitude to today’s globalized world typically characterize this generation.

Many expect that by 2025, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce. Hiring younger employees today means understanding what makes Gen Z different. Careful planning and adaptable management should mean that you can reap the best benefits from these workers. This way, you aid long-term goal building and future-proof your business.

This influx of workers is especially significant for companies operating overseas. According to one study, 81% of Gen Z graduates are interested in working abroad.

Understanding specific trends relating to these workers is the first step in understanding how to benefit from them.


Gen Z Employment Trends


Diversity and Inclusivity


According to the PEW research center, in the US, only half of incoming Gen Z workers are non-Hispanic white.

This change will have a considerable effect on what drives Gen Z workers. Recognizing the potential benefits that this diversity can bring to a workplace is expected to drive employment choices in the coming decade.


Education and Technology


Gen Z is fundamentally aware and capable of utilizing technology to the fullest extent in their work and lives. These employees are nicknamed “Zoomers” after all. Modern global employers may want to make the most of new remote working trends to improve overall efficiency

Gen Z employees are, on the whole, the best-educated generation of workers to date. More likely to have higher education, Gen Z employees are also expected to continue using online courses to stay up-to-date.

This interest in learning is a huge potential benefit for employers who want to use these skills and incorporate new technologies into their success goals.


Changing Attitudes


Gen Z workers share many of their more progressive ideals with millennials. They are also more likely to clash with older generations in terms of beliefs and ideals. Generally, Gen Z workers see work-life balance as more important than any previous generation. This difference should distinctly affect how a skilled manager can motivate these workers.

Knowing how to communicate your company values will be essential. According to one study, only 1 in 5 Gen Z workers would consider working for a company that didn’t share their values.


Gen Z as Independent Contractors


Over half of Gen Z workers are interested in working for themselves. When combined with the possibilities of remote work,  this opens up new opportunities for employers who want to benefit from hiring Independent Contractors.

Knowing the best way to hire and manage these workers safely is key to making the most of their unique skillsets and avoiding potential regulatory issues.


 How to Motivate Gen Z Workers? 5 Top Tips


Consistent and Clear Communication


Gen Z employees require workplaces that value social relationships and take mental and emotional health seriously. Gen Z workers are more likely to report stress or mental health concerns desire more consistent feedback and communication from their employers.

Employers can ensure motivation by incorporating more open communication into weekly meetings that allow staff to voice concerns or share their experiences.


Opportunities for Advancement


While this may seem obvious, providing opportunities for Gen Z workers to improve their position is essential, especially when considering the way that they have seen these opportunities decline in recent times

Many Gen Z workers fear jobs with less chances to grow. Companies should try to ensure rich and meaningful career opportunities for all workers.


Workplace Diversity


Gen Z workers are more likely to see the opportunities inherent in working with new people and learning differently.

Employers looking to motivate this generation of employees must look for ways to promote initiatives regarding inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. These incentives will be particularly beneficial for global employers who wish to manage more globally-based teams.


Be Tech-Forward


Gen Z employees feel more comfortable in jobs that allow for the use of technology. A positive attitude toward technology will only benefit companies making the most of innovative tools and systems designed around mobile and online services.

Gen Z employees can be the branch that connects you to innovative technologies revolutionizing and globalizing your industry if used wisely.


Allow for flexibility


Related to the issue of technology in the workplace, Gen Z is particularly aware of the benefits of technology in improving work-life balance. Gen Z employees still see the advantage of office space, but they prefer work that won’t necessarily disrupt their life at home or their relationships with friends or family.

Employer’s looking to make the most of their Gen Z employees should take steps to provide new levels of adaptability, like flexible hours or hybrid office environments.


How to Hire Gen Z Workers?


Today’s global recruitment market gives you access to Gen Z talent worldwide.

With the growth of remote-work technologies, international employment now no longer requires your team to be based locally. You can employ and manage Gen Z workers worldwide without the hassles of international visas or travel.

Traditional recruitment methods are much less likely to connect you with the best of Gen Z talent. Job sites and offline approaches are much less effective for approaching Gen Z talent than social media sites like Youtube or Instagram. This change means you may have to rethink your ways of finding employees in the future.

Working with a professional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider can give you access to innovative tech-forward recruitment tools. These tools are the best way to meet Gen Z workers.

These services can also provide access to assured legal compliance to deal with the increased problems related to overseas employment, including providing employer of record services in your employee’s countries of operation.


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Hiring Gen Z Workers With INS Global


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