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Setup Office in China

Opt for a flexible solution by creating a sales office which allows foreign companies to carry out commercial activities and marketing in China with more freedom.

How to create or setup a sales office in China

The creation of a sales office has the principal objective of establishing commercial representation without financial or legal restrictions. It requires the involvement of three different parties:

  • The foreign company, who decides the characteristics of the sales office, i.e. its architectural properties, location, size;
  • A representative of the foreign company in China; and
  • The local partner, called a PEO (Professional Employment Organization).

The foreign company remains responsible for running the sales office effectively, and must ensure that the installment of its employees in China is carried out under the best possible conditions.

Why choose a sales office in China?

Operating in China through a sales office is a solution with multiple advantages:

  • No minimum capital is required;
  • Particularly interesting tax levels compared to other options;
  • A reduced set-up time;
  • More flexibility in the choice of office location; and
  • A structure adapted to the sale of merchandise and service provisions.

What are the conditions to setup a sales office in China?

INS Global introduces you to the advantages of opening a sales office in China. Start expanding your business with this flexible and efficient structure. Benefit from the support and expertise of INS Global to establish your commercial representation in China, in a durable manner, while respecting all applicable legislation. In order to have a representative office in China, the conditions are as follows:

  • Have at least one employee who acts as the representative of the foreign company in China.
  • Pay the office rent, the representative’s salary and all other administrative and operational costs. 
  • All assets generated from running the office must be repatriated from China. Any assets kept in China must be managed by the local partner. 

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