How to start business in India How to star business in India

This country is not to be introduced anymore, India has the world’s largest  democracy and the second fastest growing major economy. It offers enormous business opportunities but has a large and complex market which have to be studied in order to ensure a successful market entry.

Why start a business in India

Starting a business in India without local knowledge can be a daunting process that might lower your chances of running successful activities in the country. Indeed, regulations can differ from one region to the other and it can be very difficult to be fully compliant with the authorities requirements. India should be seen as a series of interconnected regional markets rather than one market.

Starting a business in India: how can INS help?

Therefore, choosing the right market entry strategy is key and INS can help you handle one of the most important aspect of it: HR Outsourcing. A set of forms must be initially filled to set up your own entity in India, depending on which region you are planning to target. INS will facilitate the whole process and provide you with timeline and services that will enable you to have one of your employees working legally in India, without the hassle of setting up an entity.

India: what can INS offer?

  • Visa outsourcing for both foreigners and locals
  • Payroll service
  • Recruitment services


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