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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Entry Restrictions Update Asia September 2020

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Entry Restrictions Update Asia September 2020

As the effects of COVID-19 still continue to affect many regions of the world, many countries have maintained restrictions on travel. As time progresses, many countries in the Asia Pacific region are easing up travel restrictions and permitting certain persons to enter, in an effort to allow people who need to come back for purposes of work, business or family.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic still continuing to spread, it has become increasingly important for countries to ease travel restrictions. Many individuals, families and businesses need travel restrictions to be eased, even in a limited capacity, to allow for things to return to normal.

For those who live, work or do business in Asia, it is important to stay informed of any updates that may occur. INS Global keeps you up to date with any important changes in travel restrictions in the Asia Pacific region, but please note that this information is subject to change at any time.

This update includes information from the following countries: Mainland China, Taiwan (China), Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong SAR and Japan.


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