Solutions for Office Rental in China with INS Global

Office rental in China

Office rental in China

July 20, 2022


Picture of INS Global



Picture of INS Global



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Key Takeaways

  1. A consistent workspace is useful for a strong business culture
  2. INS Global offers a positive workspace in the heart of Shanghai for dedicated international professionals
  3. Our workspace includes a range of amenities and networking possibilities


Are you looking to grow your business in China and expand the range of your global operations? You will need to first consider the options available in terms of workspace rental. Our inhouse workspace in China provides a focused environment for you to make it big in this rapidly developing city. This article will introduce your to our workspace rental solution and show you how you can quickly integrate your operations in one of the world’s busiest business cities.

Give your business a home in the heart of Shanghai with one of our many workspace options. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a growing start-up, our workspace solutions in china are suited to a variety of business needs.


Workspace Rental in China: Why Rent in Shanghai?


A company or individual who wishes to operate in China faces multiple difficulties when setting up an office locally:

  • Finding the right location for your needs while adhering to Chinese legislation
  • Set-up costs can be high, and not being familiar with the city can lead to unplanned additional costs
  • Furnishing an office (wiring, furniture, electricity, internet, etc.) takes time and requires considerable effort and financial resources.

A good working space is essential to an efficient business culture. While more and more businesses turn to remote work or hybrid models, having a centralized flexible workspace is key for important decisions or meetings.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to begin a fully independent company in China, a dedicated space is one of the required steps. This is why a solution that allows you to share in our space without having to go through the process of dealing with real estate agents or high prices can be a quick and easy way to take care of the problem.

To overcome these administrative hurdles and to save time during your establishment in China, INS Global offer workspace rental solutions at its Global Headquarters in the heart of Shanghai. As the most populated city in China, Shanghai is an important trading hub for the country.

The city boasts the biggest network of professionals covering all industries with many international corporations opening regional offices in the city. Opportunities are plentiful here and a base in Shanghai makes it easy to grow your network and business internationally.


Our space is your space


Located in the former French Concession, our Global Headquarters is designed for focus, collaboration and productivity. We have a large, modern office at the United Valley complex and boast two dedicated workspace rooms for our consultants working on their company’s expansion into the Chinese market.

We operate a fully furnished and active office space in the heart of Shanghai that offers a more personal approach than the service office spaces or coworking spaces available in China. Through INS Global you can instantly become connected to other professionals like you, all making the most of our PEO services.

As long as you’re on our payroll in China and using our employment solutions, you can have access to our hot desk and dedicated desk options. We also offer private office solutions to accommodate your entire team, subject to availability.


The features include :

  • Desirable, central location
  • Flexible term workspace catering to a variety of business uses.
  • Large glazed windows that maximize views and natural light.
  • Air conditioning and heating system for you to work in total comfort.
  • Bookable meeting rooms for you to meet clients in a professional environment.
  • A space that increases productivity and motivates your employees.

In addition to these features, our on-site staff is on hand to welcome your customers and handle post and packaging. When you rent workspace with us, you become part of a network of like-minded professionals. Our clients are all at the forefront of their industries. A shared space like ours is the ideal place to collaborate and share knowledge.


Onsite Amenities


  • Secure key card access
  • Bookable meeting rooms
  • Kitchen area
  • Reception and post and packaging handling
  • Cleaning services
  • Outdoor terrace
  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Printing, copying and scanning



Why use INS Global for Office and Workspace Rental in China?


We offer a fast track solution to office and workspace rental that will save you time and money. Join us at our Global Headquarters by choosing one of our workspace rental options:

  • Dedicated desk
  • Private office (subject to availability)

Give your employees an office space China where they can thrive and further your business. Since 2006, INS Global has provided workspace rental in China and office rental solutions to professionals using its PEO/employment solution. Contact us today to learn more about how to grow your business quickly, simply, and safely.




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