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PEO in Singapore

It’s a common misconception that you need to establish a foreign entity to expand and operate in another country. Our PEO solution allows your company to enter and hire in Singapore without setting up a foreign entity straight away. It’s the perfect solution if you’re thinking of taking your first steps into the Singapore market.


Doing business in Singapore


As a global business hub, Singapore offers tremendous opportunities to Western companies looking to establish themselves in Asia, boasting a favorable business climate, highly educated workforce and a government keen to encourage innovation and foreign direct investment. When expanding your business into Singapore, using a partner with deep knowledge of the market can be a make-or-break advantage.


Advantages of Doing Business in Singapore


There are many reasons why you may want to start or expand your business to Singapore. Well known for a great place to conduct international business, here are some of the advantages of doing business in Singapore:

Strategic location – located in the heart of South-east Asia, it provides you with easy access to major Asian nations such as China, India, Japan and many more. It is ideal for companies who are looking for a place to setup their Asian operation.

World Class Infrastructure – Strong infrastructure is considered to be one of the cornerstones of society today. Singapore is home to world class infrastructure and has in recent times been recognized as a global leader in infrastructure.

Strong Legal framework – based on English common law and ranked as the best country in Asia for Intellectual Property (IP) protection, many company’s choose Singapore for this reason. It also offers well defined mechanisms for dispute resolution in the case of a commercial dispute arising.

High Skilled Talent – Singapore has a highly productive and highly skilled workforce. Due to effective company policies and attractive living conditions the workforce generally maintains a good level of motivation and productivity.


Why use a PEO in Singapore?


Here are some of the following benefits of using a Singapore PEO:

Fast and easy access – By using a PEO, you get access to the Singapore market in as little as 48 hours. This means you can hire staff and begin operations in Singapore, with very little administrative challenges.

Expertise – your business will gain access to experts who have knowledge of local regulations and processes, minimizing the risk of administrative difficulties arising.

Reduced risk – by having a PEO act as your Singapore EOR (employer of record), you reduce the risks and liabilities of your business, as the PEO ensures you remain compliant with Singapore laws at all times.

Additionally, INS Global can help you:

  • To hire employees in record time,
  • To focus on driving your company’s growth in a new market,
  • To be compliant with Singapore employment and tax law,
  • To reduce time spent processing HR and administrative tasks,
  • To streamline your global expansion.


Why use INS Global as your PEO in Singapore?


  • Full employment – Your employee is legally employed by INS Global in Singapore exclusively on your behalf.
  • Compliance – Your employee’s salary is processed through our payroll in Singapore with tax deducted and paid to the relevant authorities.
  • Peace of mind – We remain up to date with the latest changes to employment and tax law in Singapore so you don’t have to.
  • Ongoing support – We offer visa application support for your foreign employee as well as accompanying them through the on-boarding process.
  • Streamlined and transparent approach – We invoice you every month for our services including your employee’s wage, benefits and expense reimbursement.

Recently emerging as the world’s most competitive economy, there’s no better time than now to expand your business into the Lion City. Strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia, businesses here profit from their close proximity to the fast-growing and emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific region. No matter what size your company is, our tailor-made PEO solution can help your business reach its full potential.


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