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Recruitment Agency South Korea

Employing the right people is essential to the success of a company’s growth and this holds even more true in South Korea. Due to South Korea having a highly educated, strict and competitive working environment, it is important to find candidates who are able to understand and adapt to the work culture. Whether you are looking for local employees or global talent to drive your business to success in South Korea, INS Global is able to provide the assistance you need.  

The Importance of Choosing the Right Candidate

Choosing a candidate can be a difficult task and one that is highly important to the growth and success of a company. In order to succeed in the South Korean market, it is important for companies to choose candidates that are well rounded, easy adaptable and looking for long term growth.

Going through candidate profiles is just one element of the recruitment process, however there are many other important elements that are often overlooked. It is important for hiring managers to have the correct strategies and processes in place, in order to determine the best possible candidate for the role. INS Global has a team of recruiters whose primary job is to source the best candidates, review profiles and connect the right candidates to our clients.

Why Outsource Recruitment in South Korea

Finding the right candidate for a particular role is complicated even further when you are hiring for another country. The right recruitment partner should make the process of finding and filtering potential candidates simple and more efficient, for both the client and the candidates.

External recruiters also have extensive local and global networks that span across a multitude of industries. They have access to candidates that you may not have access to and otherwise may never come across. External recruiters provide businesses with increased exposure and larger, more in depth talent pools.

Advantages of Outsourcing Recruitment

There are various advantages that a company acquires when outsourcing recruitment, such as:

  • Large Network – you gain access to a large network of candidates.
  • Rigorous Screening – with years of experience our team has developed a rigorous screening process, ensuring you have the right candidate for your enterprise.
  • Tailored Process – the process can be tailored to the needs of your enterprise. If there are specific skills you are looking for or tests you wish to implement, we are able to adapt our process in order to accommodate it.
  • Innovative methods – Our team stays up to date with the most current trends and recruitment practices, ensuring we stay the best at what we do.

How INS Global Can Help You Recruit in South Korea

With an in-depth understanding of the HR market in South Korea, our professionals are able to help you simplify your expansion into the market and focus on your company’s growth, while we take care of your recruitment needs.

With more than 14 years’ experience in the Asian market, INS Global has the necessary resources and expertise to care of all your company’s administrative needs, allowing you to focus on your core business. We are able to assist your enterprise across a range of disciplines, such as PEO Solutions, which allow your company to hire in South Korea without setting up a separate legal entity. INS Global can also assist with Company Incorporation, Invoicing, Payroll and Tax administration.

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