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Starting your business in China: 5 advantages of a WFOE!

Wage portage through a WFOE offers companies looking to operate in China a way to simplify processes, save time, economize and benefit from the sharing of skills and experience.

Autonomy and flexibility

While companies operating via a WFOE are linked to the wage portage provider through a contract, they still retain autonomy in managerial decisions. They are free to choose the most adapted strategy, management and work structures, and those working for them. The fact of not having a direct employment contract with these workers offers flexibility in HR management, especially when activities fluctuate.


There are several companies that offer wage portage via a WFOE in China. You have the opportunity to build a real partnership and benefit from advice during your installation in China: from administrative processes to recruitment and HR management.

Fast action

Experience and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market means that your wage portage partner can respond very quickly to your needs, offering the workforce and proven tailor-made solutions.


The flexibility offered by wage portage via a WFOE allows companies to use its services only when really needed. This reduces the fixed costs and expenses involved in establishing an HR department.


Wage portage offers companies the opportunity to benefit from shared skills and knowledge of the Chinese market. INS Global Consulting provides access to a network of experts from which client companies can benefit from by recruiting them as part of their wage portage workforce.

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DATE April 9, 2019
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