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WFOE: the quick and simple solution for launching a business in China

Are you looking to establish yourself in China by setting up a business? Between your brave initial decision and your first signed contract, the road can be a long, challenging and demoralizing one.

Launching a business in China: a real headache

– The Chinese culture barrier
To penetrate the Chinese market, it is essential to negotiate with partners, suppliers, clients, the workforce, and to communicate with local administrative bodies. There will be numerous obstacles; the administrative procedures can prove to be complex and overwhelming.

To set up a company in China, it is best to thoroughly understand the legal framework of the business environment. This can be long: around 6-12 months before your company can start operating. The financial burden can be heavy. You will also have to pay careful attention right from the start, and throughout your business operations, to conform to Chinese regulations.

Wage portage through a WFOE, a simple alternative

A WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) involves three parties: the employee (1) who works for a client company (2) through the intermediary of a provider of wage portage services (3). This solution enables the company entering the Chinese market to concentrate on its core business activities without having to become an expert in administrative technicalities. This service simplifies the process for the company (2) in order to save time, minimize costs and reduce eventual risks.

For over ten years INS Global Consulting has enabled foreign businesses to establish themselves in China through the wage portage vehicle of a WFOE. This longevity, a synonym for experience and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market, is testimony to the trust placed in INS Global Consulting by professionals in the development of their activities through wage portage.

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