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Employer of Record in Turkey & PEO

Hire Globally, Pay Locally, Expand Effortlessly

INS Global provides international PEO (Professional Employer Organization) and Employer of Record (EOR) services for any company that wants to enter a new country without the complications and hassle that overseas expansion typically entails.

As a safe and simple way to offer compliance assured HR functions for employees in an overseas target market, a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) gives companies a way to hire and manage employees in less than 48h. INS Global’s PEO in Turkey is a professional third-party supplier of expert global mobility services.

An EOR (Employer of Record) offers employment outsourcing solutions to take care of HR and administrative responsibilities and streamline the global expansion process. INS Global is a provider of third-party EOR in Turkey solutions to companies looking to improve and accelerate their international mobility.

Want to have a Team in Turkey TODAY?

Show me how to grow my business now!

We prefer to let others grow their business.

Want to have a Team in Turkey TODAY?

Show me how to grow my business now!

We prefer to let others grow their business.

Employer of Record in Turkey & PEO - Summary

Employer of Record in Turkey & PEO

What Benefits Does a Global PEO Partner Offer?

Certified Legal Expertise

Skip the hassle of dealing with an unfamiliar system and let your PEO provider and their expert knowledge guide you smoothly around obstacles and roadblocks.

Reduced Set-Up Time and Costs

A PEO gives you access to innovative tools and strategies that will have your company up and running in the new country in just a few days.

Fewer Administration Issues

With a PEO handling all details of HR and recruitment, you’ll be able to devote more time and attention to company goals and growth.

Increased Cost Efficiency

Save up to thousands of dollars by only having to pay a single monthly fee.

Streamlined Company Structure

Your PEO partner fulfills all HR requirements through just a single point of contact.

Why Choose a PEO Over Company Incorporation in Turkey?

Establishing your company overseas is a lengthy and complicated process; simple mistakes can often result in having to pay expensive fines.

With a PEO or EOR services provider as your partner, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary fees and set up much quicker in your target market.

  • Speeds up the process from start to finish
  • Lessens overhead costs related to setup
  • Requires minimal management time
  • Keeps you from making costly legal errors

PEO/EOR vs Company Incorporation

The Advantage in Figures

PEO/EOR Company Incorporation
80% Less Expensive
Market Entry
2-5 Days
6 Months
Employee Turnover
Decrease by 14%
98% of the Current PEO Clients
Administrative Fees
Saves an Average of $450
Costly Payroll and Compliance Fines
Help Avoid
Company Growth Rate
7 - 9%
Closed During Pandemic
Employer of record turkey


Manuel Ramos


Managing Director

We think INS Global is a good solution about starting business in new and complex markets. Understanding the market doesn’t mean you need to set up a company immediately.


How Does INS Global's PEO Work in Turkey?

  1. Our counselors meet with you to discuss your goals and create a plan specifically for you.
  2. We provide the legal entity through which you can bring your employees into Turkey.
  3. We take care of all recruitment and HR management.
  4. Your staff is able to continue operations on schedule, and you can focus on achieving your company’s success targets.

Are PEOs and EORs the Same?

While the two services are similar, they are not identical. It’s important that you know the differences before choosing which one to partner with your company.

  • A PEO is a third-party company that offers HR services to employees of other companies.
  • An EOR provides the same services as a PEO while also legally hiring and being fully responsible for employees of other companies.
  • With a PEO agreement, the contract is made between the PEO provider and the client company.
  • In an EOR agreement, the contract is directed by the client company but is officially made between the provider and the employee.

Whichever one suits your needs best, INS Global offers both PEO and global EOR services in Turkey, allowing you the fullest range of services available.

Labor Law in Turkey - 2024

Employment Contracts in Turkey

Contracts in Turkey should be made in writing and specify all details of employment, compensation, and benefits.

The salary should be in the local currency of the Turkish lira. Probation periods range from 2-4 months.

Work Hours and Overtime in Turkey

The maximum amount of weekly work hours is 45 and should be divided into an equal number of hours per workday. Any hours exceeding that amount are counted as overtime and must be compensated at 50% more than the usual wage.

Alternatively, employees may be compensated with 1.5 hours off work for every hour of overtime.

Holidays and Annual Leave

There are 8 annual public holidays in Turkey. Those who have to work on these days receive double their regular wage. Annual leave is given according to the length of time worked.

Employees must work at least one year before being eligible for paid leave. For those who work one to five years with the company, 14 days is the minimum, and the amount increases to up to 26 days for those who have worked over 20 years.

Sick Leave in Turkey

Employers are not obliged to pay sick leave; employees receive compensation via social insurance, provided they have a health certificate or proper medical report.

Maternity and Paternity Leave in Turkey

Expectant mothers receive 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, eight weeks before birth and eight weeks after. They will receive two-thirds of their salary, and this is covered by national social security.

Additionally, mothers may take up to six months of unpaid leave after birth. Paid paternity leave is five days.

Tax Law and Social Security Contributions in Turkey

Personal income is taxed progressively in Turkey between 15-40% after deductions. Both employees and employers are expected to pay a percentage towards social security. Employees pay 14% and employers 15.5 to 20.55%. As of 2023, corporate tax in Turkey is 20%

Employer of Record in Turkey & PEO


Discover More Solutions in Turkey


Turkish EOR services are calculated as a percentage of a co-employed workers standard salary. This cost is levied at source as part of the payroll process and ensures the complete compliance and accuracy of every part of HR requirements.  

Absolutely, you can safely and legally employ workers in Turkey using a local EOR. Turkish labor laws are often complex and unclear, so professional EOR services provide a way to securely hire or transfer employees to Turkey without the need for a local company structure.  

Employers must ensure the total safety of their workers in Turkey. EOR services provide everything an employer needs to accurately manage every employer responsibilities in Turkey and with total compliance assurance.  

An EOR allows you to expand quickly, easily, and fearlessly to a new market without needing a local entity of your own. This way, you can offer your employees every necessary local right and benefit for a single minimal monthly fee.  

When an independent contractor in Turkey interacts with clients through an EOR agreement, they can gain access to employee benefits and retain complete control over their work and work methods. In this way, you can deal with satisfied local contractors while the EOR takes responsibility for correct payment and contractor classification.  

With a range of local resources and in-depth recruitment networks, our recruitment agency in Turkey can offer professional hiring services with rigorous adherence to hiring best practices. Our recruiting specialists are familiar with all local benchmarks and requirements and can locate the best Turkish locals or foreign nationals for your global recruitment strategy 

With INS Global, you get the best in global recruitment across Turkey and beyond. EOR services in the country can be easily integrated with a bespoke hiring process, considering any local or regional differences in employment requirements.  

Your global expansion may require the ability to react quickly to changing markets worldwide; thats why INS Global provides you with the scalability you need to hire and expand in 100+ without minimum or maximum service requirements. While other EOR or PEO providers may put caps on the number of employees you can hire through their local structures, INS Global works with you to give you the flexibility your plans need.

Turkish employment costs include both direct and indirect costs like payroll taxes, recruiting fees, and signing bonuses. However, all this can be managed for a single fee through an EOR or PEO service.   

Employment in Turkey may also include less apparent expenditures such as incentive programs, managing moving costs for international employees, and any spending you do to set up local structures.   

By using global EOR services, you can avoid the need for a  local physical premise which may be part of the company incorporation process.  

Whether or not to provide your workers with a physical location in Turkey in which to complete their duties can then be up to you, but best practices generally still suggest giving employees a choice.  

There may be labor regulations that treat Turkish and international citizens differently in terms of certain employee benefits such as healthcare. In these cases, INS Global can provide absolute compliance assurance for both groups of workers and quickly respond to any changes to local or international requirements.  

EOR and PEO solutions can be used by businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large multinationals, to accelerate your success in a new market. It is now possible to employ local or foreign workers effectively and securely thanks to possibilities for employment outsourcing.  

Our services can even replace more sophisticated internal HR requirements and provide straightforward solutions to scale up to meet the demand for new hires.  

The legal knowledge provided by PEO and EOR services may be the most beneficial for businesses in a number of industries that either don’t have their own structures in a target country (or aim to avoid cost-scaling concerns while focusing on expansion).  

In addition to using local Turkish PEO services or an EOR in Turkey to hire contractors, you can also hire them through a legal local entity, umbrella company, or staffing agency services. Outsourcing can also allow you to safely and efficiently work with contractors without fear of misclassification.   

As an employer, you have to guarantee accurate payment for contractors in Turkey but aren’t required to offer employee benefits or protections. By working through an EOR, you can be assured of contractor quality, and the contractors you hire can work more efficiently, thanks to the bonuses offered by a local EOR entity.  

Payroll is typically managed each month in Turkey, with some form of payslip being required for all employees, although online payslips are acceptable. Employers manage tax and social security obligations on behalf of employees in Turkey.  

As of mid-2023, the monthly minimum wage in Turkey is 8,506.80 lira ($455). However, due to the current inflation rate, this amount is subject to change.  

The most common form of work visa in Turkey is valid for up to 5 years and allows the holder to live and work in Turkey so long as a business sponsors them.  

It should be noted that some industries are restricted to foreign citizens, and work visas are not available in all cases. Companies registered in Turkey may also be limited in the number of foreign workers they can hire.  

Total employer contributions to an employees monthly social security and unemployment insurance funds are the equivalent of 22.5% of an employees salary.  

All employees in Turkey are eligible by law for multiple employee benefits, including paid annual leave and leave in cases of sickness or parental concerns, a pension, increased pay for overtime work, and proper health insurance. Additionally, employers may offer other typical benefits to incentivize or attract employees.  

Any fundamental changes to a contract must be agreed to in writing by an employee within 6 working days of notification.  

Thanks to social security contributions and company taxes, Turkeys healthcare system is public and available to everyone. While treatments are generally free, some specialist services and medications may require additional fees. Companies may also offer supplementary private health care plans to improve the level of service available.  

Notice periods in Turkey vary from 2 weeks (for those employed for less than 6 months) to 8 weeks (for those employed for over 3 years) unless the termination is extraordinary and immediate.  

In Turkey, severance pay of 1 month per year of service is required if the employee was terminated for reasons other than just cause.  

The Labour Inspectorate of Turkey oversees the implementation of employee rights and protections in the workplace, and any employment disputes are seen by labor courts  

Turkey typically has 15 days of public holiday per year, with employees being eligible for paid time off if the holiday falls on a work day