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Employment Services in China

China offers a great deal of opportunity to entrepreneurs who want to start a business in China or employees who wish to work in the country. With increasing consumer spending power, many businesses are looking to enter and do business in the country. However, there are various administrative restrictions and challenges that may arise making entry difficult. INS Global’s Employer of Record (EOR) solution can provide your business with fast, easy access to the Chinese market.


Within the framework of Professional Employment Organization (PEO), INS Global enables an unlimited number of self-employed workers to access the benefits of a Professional Employment Organization (PEO)-based employment. Ideal for expatriates wishing to start or develop their career in China, the Professional Employment Organization offered by INS Global allows foreigners to obtain the Chinese work visa.


What is a China Employer of Record?

A China EOR is similiar to a PEO, which facilitates the outsourcing of the employer-employee relationship to a third party service provider. It is used notably in cases of hiring employees abroad because a non-Chinese company or a company incorporated outside of China cannot legally recruit or provide a visa for an employee in China. The employer – employee relationship therefore becomes a 3-party relationship consisting of an employer – intermediary company – employee:

  • The employee – the party who carries out services for the client company.
  • The client company – the party looking to hire an employee to conduct operations in China.
  • The Employer of Record in China – the administrative partner who hires the employee officially for administrative purposes.

To define the terms of the relationship between the different parties, the Professional Employment Organization company signs a work contract with the employee, as well as a service provision contract with the client company.


How We Help You Hire Employees in China

INS Global offers a complete range of administrative and legal support services in collaboration with local professionals to create and develop our clients’ activities in China.


Our solutions have been devised to allow our clients to save time on employee administration procedures, and to focus their resources on the core of their business. We offer support in:

  • The establishment of a payment structure for the employee.
  • Consultancy on complicated negotiations regarding local staff contracts.
  • Administrative procedure management, including contract renewals or terminations.


Are you looking to develop your activity in China? We accompany and support you in reaching your objectives using our Professional Employment Organization service. Present in China since 2006, hundreds of professionals and companies have already benefited from our experience, knowledge of Chinese culture and expertise.


What Do Our Employment Solutions Include?


How to Proceed ?

  • HIRE a representative – we help you find and hire an employee to take care of your business operations in China.
  • DEFINE the mission & contract – according to your needs we assist with the contract to ensure it complies with local regulations.
  • SIGN the contract – We ensure the contract is formed in line with local laws and it is signed according to local processes.
  • ON-BOARD and administrative procedures – We provide ongoing assistance throughout the onboarding procedure and ensure the employee is onboarded correctly.
  • DEVELOP your business – you and your newly onboarded employees are able to focus on the running of your business, while we handle all administrative issues.


Post-employment Solutions

Payroll Management

When you use our employer of record services in China, your employees will then become part of INS Global’s payroll. As such, our finance department will do all the necessary calculations and manages the payroll for your employees in China. These calculations may include expenses, deductions, social contributions, taxes, bonuses, and any other adjustments that need to be made. 


Contract renewal

Our expert staff provides all the necessary support in the employee contract renewal process for our clients. Our expert staff ensure that all contracts are compliant with employment laws and regulations in China.


Termination negotiation

With employment rules that are entirely different from the home country, terminating a contract in China can be a difficult process for many companies. It is important for companies to be mindful of the notice periods, termination conditions, and severance payments that need to be made when deciding to terminate employees. Using local legal and procedural expertise, INS smoothens out this process and helps reduce all associated risks in the case of a contract termination.


INS Global your EOR in China

If you want to start a business or expand your current business to China, INS Global can provide you with the assistance you need. We have helped more than 600 companies expand in different parts of the world. We also specialize in recruitment in China having hired many mid to high level employees across a range of different industries. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our China services.

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