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Invoicing in China

INS Global allows companies and freelancers without an existing structure in China to invoice their clients in the local currency. We play an intermediary role between these professionals and their China-based clients. In this specific position, we are able to issue a fapiao, the name given to a tax receipt or business invoice in China.


Which Transaction Service Best Suits You?


INS Global offer invoicing solutions, allowing foreign companies without a local entity to invoice their China-based clients. With our expertise, we issue fapiaos (Chinese tax receipts) on your behalf, ensuring compliance with local regulations so you can focus on your business operations.

INS Global offer a hassle-free way to handle China’s invoice system, without the need for a local entity in the country. Our team handles all your billing needs so that you can focus your efforts on your core business activities.

Invoice clients based in China
Invoice clients based abroad
Payments to Chinese suppliers

Once you sign an agreement to work with us, just let us know the name of the client, how much they need to pay, and we take care of the rest.


Benefits of Invoicing in China via INS Global


Miscommunication between parties can cost time and money. Our dedicated Chinese-speaking finance team can get in touch with your client’s finance team to ensure a quick, hassle-free invoicing process.

  • No need to have a company established in China.
  • Preparation of invoices (fapiao) to suit your needs.
  • No minimum requirement for invoiced amounts or number of transactions.
  • The cost is a management fee based on the invoice amount. The only tax applied is a 6% Value Added Tax (VAT). Apart from that there are no withholding costs.




Why externalise client invoicing?


Using a service outside your company to produce your fapiao has some significant advantages:

  • The company can focus their efforts on the core of their activities;
  • Removing the need for an internal service reduces costs.
  • Payments remitted in EUR, USD, CNY.


Why choose INS Global to invoice your clients?


Since 2006, INS Global has specialized in helping foreign entities file a company invoice in China. By placing your trust in us, we ensure fast and efficient fapiao preparation services that conform to regulations. Our service is cost effective and ensures you adhere to Chinese laws.

We create a tailored solution for you to invoice your clients quickly and efficiently. We prepare the invoice, process the payment from your client and issue proof of payment and tax receipts for your record. By choosing INS Global:

  • Your company does not need to be based in China
  • We prepare your fapiao in accordance with your needs
  • You can make payments in EUR, USD and CNY
  • No minimum required for invoiced amounts or number of transactions

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing structure. Our service cost is a management fee based on the total invoice amount. The only tax applied is 6.66% VAT. There’s no withholding cost. It’s that simple.


How to proceed for China invoicing solutions


Invoice your clients at anytime, anywhere:

  • Draw up contracts;
  • Fapiao preparation;
  • Client payment;
  • Payment transfer.


Invoice your clients at any time from anywhere


  • Contracts Setup
  • Invoice Preparation
  • Client Payment
  • Payment Remittance



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