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Why Do Business in Vietnam: 5 Interesting Facts

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Key Takeaways

With the rise of the Asia Pacific region (APAC), many business leaders are keeping a close eye on Asia to determine which country is likely to experience massive growth, as we have seen over the past few decades. With the rapid development of China, manufacturing and supply chain costs are increasing, forcing businesses to look elsewhere. Vietnam is fast emerging as the next destination that will experience rapid growth, similar to that of China.

With China shifting away from a manufacturing based economy to a consumer based economy, many companies in China are looking to relocate due to a rise in costs. For many reasons, Vietnam is increasingly becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for investors. It’s location, large population and developing economy are among a long list of reasons for businesses to consider Vietnam.

Our latest insight explores 5 reasons why you should consider doing business in Vietnam and provides some interesting facts. Check out our infographic below:

Why Do Business in Vietnam: 5 Interesting Facts | INS Global

INS Global in Vietnam

INS Global has been helping companies enter the Asian market for more than 14 years. With extensive knowledge on the region, our experts are able to provide the knowledge and skills you need to successfully enter Vietnam’s market. INS Global Vietnam provides PEO solutions, which allow your company to hire staff in Vietnam, without having to setup a costly entity. We also provide Recruitment services if you’re looking for staff in Vietnam, Invoicing solutions if you’re doing a once off deal, as well as Payroll and Tax administration. Get in touch with INS Global today and let us simplify your expansion into Vietnam.  

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