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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Entry Restrictions Update Asia August 2020

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Key Takeaways

Due to the outbreak and ongoing effects of COVID-19 many countries and territories had imposed travel bans, restricting people from entering. These bans were imposed in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus and protect large groups of the relevant populations from infection. However, even though the virus has not slowed down in parts of the world, it is becoming increasingly important to permit travel once again. The following is an update on the ease of travel restrictions in certain parts of the Asia Pacific region.

Many people both nationals and foreign nationals have been unable to travel since the travel restrictions have been imposed. Wanting to return to family, work or for business purposes, many have been waiting for updates on the ease of travel restrictions. Although these are the latest updates on the ease of the restrictions, for those wanting to return to China or any of the neighboring countries, it is important to stay updated with new information, as it is subject to change.

This update includes information from the following countries: Mainland China, Taiwan (China), Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.


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