Our Top Guide to Using Global Employment Platforms (GEP)

Our Top Guide to Using Global Employment Platforms (GEP)

Our Top Guide to Using Global Employment Platforms (GEP)

February 13, 2023


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Picture of INS Global



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Key Takeaways

  1. A GEP is a tech-based way to handle overseas recruitment, onboarding, and long-term HR needs
  2. As the client company, you retain complete control over the daily operations of your employees while securing liability concerns
  3. A GEP shares similarities in the way it provides worldwide solutions with a PEO or an EOR


Remote and distributed workforces have been on the rise since the pandemic. Many companies are now adopting remote or hybrid work team models not out of necessity but because of the diversity, practicality, and opportunity they present. This article explains precisely how a Global Employment Platform (GEP) can open your business up to these opportunities worldwide.

With the widespread availability of modern technology and virtual work teams, global expansion and entering new markets have become more accessible than ever. However, there are still many legal challenges and frameworks to consider when recruiting from a country with different employment laws than your own.

Here, we address any potential drawbacks and how a GEP functions as a global Employer of Record to provide fast and easy recruitment solutions for you.


What is a Global Employment Platform?


A global employment platform is a technology-driven service platform that allows companies to hire and onboard staff from all over the world in a matter of days. This a fraction of the potential months it could take with traditional recruitment methods.

This global cloud HR platform offers various services to help companies hire globally in full legal compliance.

A GEP also handles administrative tasks such as payroll, contracts, employment benefits, insurance payment, HR services, etc.

The way it works is simple and efficient. You pay a fee to the GEP provider, who then takes care of every aspect of recruitment and employee services. A GEP has local counselors and legal experts that will ensure the compliance of your company and employees at all times.

As the client company, you retain complete control over the daily operations of your employees, while the complications are tackled for you.


What are the Benefits of Using a Global Employment Platform to Hire Internationally?


  • Reduced Costs


Cut expenses by letting an experienced recruitment system provider find the perfect candidates for you.


  • Legal Security


A GEP ensures that you don’t make any risky legal errors and are in line with employment laws in each respective country of your global strategy.


  • Attract More Talent


The benefits and compensation that a GEP can offer employees are usually better and more all-encompassing than what companies can provide by themselves.


  • A Diverse Team


Having remote workers from all over the world brings new voices and fresh innovation into your workforce.


  • Fewer Risks, More Opportunities


Instead of worrying about the potential pitfalls of expansion, you can expand confidently, knowing your security is being taken care of by experienced experts.


  • Customer Service 24/7


Having a global team of employees allows you to offer services worldwide and in any time zone.


Are there Disadvantages to Using a GEP?


Like with all solutions, you need to be sure that a global employment program is the right fit for your needs. Partnering with an incompetent or unsafe global employment platform can also create more problems for you in the long run.

To make sure you’re making the right decision with a GEP, we’ve highlighted some areas you need to pay attention to, such as:

  • Legal Compliance Issues

A GEP needs to be able to accurately manage payroll and HR services in countries all over the world. Suppose they fail to follow local regulations and employment laws. In that case, you may find yourself dealing with complicated delays or paying high fees or fines.

  • Hidden Costs

Make sure there is complete transparency and clarity about the fee you pay to a global employment platform. Some platforms may hide certain costs or third-party fees that can result in lawsuits.

  • The Complete Package

A good GEP should offer you services end-to-end, with full support and commitment at every step. You should receive benefits worth the fee you’ve spent on them and not have to deal with carelessness or risky shortcuts.


GEP vs. PEO and EOR


A GEP shares similarities with a PEO or an EOR. In general, all three act as intermediaries between a company, its employment goals, and its global employees. Additionally, all of them may offer recruitment, payroll, and HR services.

A global employment platform is a much more digital option than a PEO or EOR. Furthermore, GEPs favor automation, allowing for easy access for the client, increased efficiency, and a lack of delays. In effect, however, most companies offering PEO or EOR options provide platforms that function as GEPs.

These options allow you to hire in countries where you don’t have an established legal entity. You can bring in new staff members from other countries without setting up a branch in that country first.


global employment platform


Streamline International Hiring with INS Global


Hiring global employees on your own includes a multitude of different steps and legal red tape. From setting up a legal entity to hiring lawyers, there is a lot to be done. Ensuring legal security means overcoming language barriers that can impede your recruitment process and add management time. As a result, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the expansion process.

Finally, a global employment partner like INS Global reduces the steps and make legal compliance easier for overseas recruitment. Our global Employer of Record and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) options are available in over 100 countries worldwide. Our counselors are equipped with local knowledge and expertise so you gain better results from a more diverse, international workforce.

With INS Global, you can expand your team and find the perfect candidates to improve company operations. This can happen all while being confident in your legal safety and the satisfaction of your employees. So, contact our team of specialists today to learn more about what we can do for you.



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