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Recruitment in China

For a business owner it is imperative that you find the right candidate to be a part of your organization. However, finding the right candidate for your venture in China, may be difficult. Whether you are based in China or another country, it is challenging to find top talent to drive your company’s growth. INS Global assists candidates and companies in China, servicing all of Greater China, during the different stages of the recruitment process to ensure the best possible collaborations.


Experienced Recruitment Agency in China


Our expertise in human resources in China


Our active presence in the Chinese market, in the broad sectors of Professional Employment Organization (PEO) and human resources management, has enabled us to become a leading China job agency. This experience gives us:

  • Thorough understanding of recruiters’ needs in the Chinese market;
  • In-depth knowledge of labor market trends in China and Hong Kong;
  • Communication with our clients on the specificities of the local economic environment.


Our network of local professionals


Through our various services, INS Global has built a network of hundreds of employees in China from a large range of sectors. This local network provides us with access to numerous candidates, from various sectors, of which we already have access to their complete profiles. Therefore, if you choose to use us as your China recruitment firm, you would gain access to a wide range of both local and international talent.


A tailored recruitment strategy


At INS Global, we adopt a wide variety of search approaches. From traditional recruitment procedures to innovative solutions, we ensure we adopt the best approach to find the right candidate, suited to your needs. Our Chinese staffing agency has the right tools and procedures to screen candidates, based on the requirements you have set.


A clear pricing system 


As with all the services we provide, our recruitment package is specifically designed to include transparent pricing structures with no hidden costs.

With INS Global, recruitment in China no longer has to be a hassle. Partner with us and gain access to our expertise and network of professionals to meet your human resource needs, and focus your attention on your core business. Thanks to our talent scouting strategy, we have been able to help multiple companies grow and develop their teams.


Why INS Global is a leader in Business Recruitment in China


  • Expertise – Our China employment agency professionals have extensive knowledge of the market, with well-established networks.
  • Technical requirements – It may be challenging to find a candidate that meets a specific set of requirements, in a specific field. With our innovative tools and enhanced procedures, we are able to screen candidates who best suit your requirements.  
  • Savings on costs and time – Using resources to recruit the right team members may end up being quite costly. As this is in the core business of INS Global, it may be faster and more cost efficient in the long run. 


Recruitment procedure


The objective of our recruitment procedure is to satisfy employers’ human resource needs and to respond effectively to candidates’ aspirations in China.


Partner with INS Global and Find Your Next Team Member


The objective of our recruitment procedure is to satisfy our clients’ human resource needs and to respond effectively to their aspirations in China. As a top China recruitment agency, INS Global delivers high quality service, while ensuring that your enterprise remains fully compliant with local regulations. Not only do we offer recruitment services in China, but our services extend to PEO, company incorporation and invoicing, among other HR solutions.

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