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INS Global accompanies candidates and companies in China during the different stages of the recruitment process to ensure the best possible collaborations. Our services are not limited to recruitment. Our solutions range from Professional Employment Organization to human resources management. The diversity and expertise of our teams means we are involved in numerous industries in China.

Our Expertise covers a wide Range of Industries

Engineering & Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Hospitality
Automotive Medical

Why choose INS Global for your recruitment?

Our expertise in human resources

Our active presence in the Chinese market, in the broad sectors of Professional Employment Organization (PEO) and human resources management, has enabled us to become HR specialists. This experience gives us:

  • Thorough understanding of recruiters’ needs in the Chinese market;
  • In-depth knowledge of labor market trends in China and Hong Kong;
  • Communication with our clients on the specificities of the local economic environment.

Our network of local professionals

Through its different services, INS accompanies hundreds of employees in China from a large range of sectors. This local network constitutes a vast address book, giving us access to numerous candidates and, most importantly, the right candidate for you.

A tailored recruitment strategy

We have at our disposal a wide variety of search approaches, from traditional recruitment procedures to innovative solutions, in order to ensure we approach only the most suitable candidates.

A clear pricing system 

As with all the services we provide, our recruitment offer is specifically designed to include transparent pricing structures with no hidden costs.

With INS Global, recruitment in China no longer has to be a hassle. Benefit from our expertise and our network of professionals to meet your human resource needs, and focus your attention on carrying out your different projects. Thanks to our talent scouting strategy, we have been able to help multiple companies grow their teams.

Recruitment procedure

The objective of our recruitment procedure is to satisfy employers’ human resource needs and to respond effectively to candidates’ aspirations in China.


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