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Employment Solutions in Indonesia

If you are considering expanding your business to Indonesia, it is important to ensure that you are fully compliant with local regulations. That means that your business will be required to be registered and your employees hired in accordance with Indonesian employment law. However, our employment solution in Indonesia can assist your company in removing the administrative burden. Our experts are able to facilitate your company’s entry in the Indonesian market and hire employees without the need of establishing a costly entity.  

Hiring staff in Indonesia

Whether it be to conduct research, increase awareness or carry out commercial activities, expanding to a new territory requires a company to get feet on the ground. It is essential that the right employees are hired and that they are hired in accordance with local regulation.  

There are various challenges that may arise when trying to hire staff in a foreign country. It can be time consuming and costly, especially if the correct procedures are not followed. INS Global’s employment solutions in Indonesia enable your company to enter the country and set up your workforce quickly and efficiently, while staying compliant with Indonesian employment law.

Our employment solutions in Indonesia

INS Global offers a simple and flexible way for foreign enterprises to enter Indonesia, without the various administrative challenges that arise. Our employment solution in Indonesia includes:

  • Local Presence in Indonesia – that allows your business to enter Indonesia and begin operations right away; and
  • Employment Contract Assistance – where we provide your business with the necessary support during employment contract negotiations to ensure your employees are in accordance with Indonesian employment law.

How does it work?

  1. Assessment and eligibility check – Our team of experts conducts an assessment of your potential project in Indonesia, taking into account various factors such as the goals of the enterprise, the size of the expansion and the urgency of the project.
  2. Acceptance of terms – Our team then forwards the recommendations, based on their assessment, of the best way to utilize the employment solution in Indonesia  
  3. Onboarding of candidate – If the terms for our employment solution are accepted, our team then proceeds to draft the employment contract, process the visa sponsorship and submit all necessary documents to the relevant authorities in Indonesia.

Post-employment support Indonesia

  • Payroll management – Our experts manage payroll and HR matters relating to the employee in Indonesia. We calculate an employee’s salary, benefits, any adjustments that occur and expense reimbursement.
  • Contract renewal – assistance during the renewal of an employment contract with an employee. Our experts will provide support through the process and ensure all new terms of the contract are in accordance with local regulations.
  • Terminations – Assistance during termination negotiations, ensuring the dismissal is compliant with local laws and regulations.

Advantages of using INS Global’s Employment Solution

  • Increased HR effectiveness – whether it is recruitment, ensuring compliance or managing the payroll, our experts are highly skilled and efficient as it is in their core line of business.
  • Low risk market entry – Our flexible solution offers fast and easy access to the Indonesian market without having to incorporate a local entity.
  • Increased focus on core business – as INS Global takes care of all the administrative challenges of expansion, this allows you to focus on your core business and the growth of your company in Indonesia.

Let INS Global be your expansion partner Indonesia

When it comes to expanding to a new territory, it is essential for an enterprise to choose the right partner. As one of the most well established Professional Employment Organizations (PEO’s) in Asia, INS Global can assist your enterprise to overcome the administrative challenges and enter the Indonesian market with ease.

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