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Japan Payroll & Tax Solutions

Outsource your employee’s tax calculations and submissions. We keep you compliant , while you focus on your core business.


INS Global Payroll and Tax Service in Japan: Saving your time and ensuring compliance


Staying compliant with local regulations in Japan can be a challenge for foreign businesses new to the market. By relying on our Japan payroll tax expertise and on-the-ground resources, you can put the administrative burden on us and allow us to stay on top of Japanese regulatory changes.

INS offers an individual tax declaration service and manages all relevant procedures for businesses on a monthly basis. We aim to give businesses the room they need to focus on their core business, by leveraging our resources to handle the administrative burden and ensure compliance with all Japanese regulations.

Our Payroll and Tax services in Japan includes

  • Registration at the tax bureau corresponding with your business in Japan.
  • Monthly contributions and calculations for each of your local employees.


Understanding Japan’s Social Insurance System


One of the most important elements of establishing your company’s Japan payroll system is understanding your obligations as an employer for paying into the country’s social insurance service. This is a mandatory program that all employers must pay into to provide for employees’ health care, retirement, unemployment and workplace injury benefits. In addition to the contributions you need to make as a company employing people here, you also are responsible for withholding those made by your personnel from their paychecks.

Another critical point to consider is your participation in the Japanese “My Number” program. Like the Social Security Number in the United States, this is provided to each resident by the Japanese government. Protecting this information from thieves is of the utmost importance, as anyone found to have leaked numbers or associated data could be punished with stiff penalties that range from heavy fines to criminal prosecution.

Working with us means that you can be successful in navigating these complex and crucial requirements. We ensure that you’ll be in compliance thanks to our comprehensive expertise and services.


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