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101 setting up for a representative office in China

It is a fast and easy approach to set up a representative office in China for a foreign company to engage in the Chinese market, as it has no capital requirements and the procedure is quite simple and direct. The representative office cannot be set for making profit, but for market research, product sales, technical exchange, procurement, services providing, and other networking activities within its business scope.

What you need to prepare your representative office : INS Global tips

To set up a representative office in China, the foreign company has to be in existence for at least 2 years. To get started, the company share prepare the following documents and submit them to the Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC):
– The application form for establishing the representative office;
– The premises ownership certificate of the foreign company and its business certificate;
– The Article of Association of the foreign company;
– Appointment documents of the chief representatives and representatives of the foreign company;
– Identification certificates and resumes of the chief representative and representative;
Capital credit certificate issued by a financial institution that has business dealings with the foreign company;

A lease agreement that certificates the company’s legal use of the representative office premises.

Besides, the foreign company should open a Chinese bank account to record the income and expenditure of the representative office.

How to register in 8 steps

#1 Verify the name of the Representative Office
#2 Get all the requisite documents notarized and submit them to the AIC
#3 Get the Business Registration Certificate and the Chief Representative Certificate
#4 Get the Organization Code Certificate and IC card
#5 Carve the Representative Office Chop, Financial Chop, and Chief Representative Chop
#6 Tax registration in the Tax Bureaus
#7 Statistical registration
#8 Foreign exchange registration in the State Administration of Foreign Exchange

 Setting up a representative office in China : how long it will take 

It may take a month for the foreign company to get all the requisite documents be notarized before they’re submitted to the AIC. It may take around 2 months to set up a Representative Office in China. Thanks to INS Global your setting up in China would be easier.

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