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Calculate Your China Work Visa Ranking

While Chinese authorities strive to increase control on immigration by implementing new policies, foreigners wishing to obtain a working visa try to adapt to the ever changing legal framework to meet the requirements imposed.

Since the new visa point system implemented in mid-2017, Chinese authorities categorize foreign workers into three types. This system was mainly made to differentiate foreigners according to their education, experience, and abilities to only open the barriers to the best ranking profiles. These are the three categories:

Type A: Over 85 Points ► Guaranteed

Type B: Over 60 points ► Certainly guaranteed

Type C: Below 60 points ► Restricted

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An Alternative Solution for Those Who Don’t Reach the Necessary Points

Since the new system was implemented many foreign workers wanting to come to China have encountered difficulties the immigration requirements. However, the truth is that it is possible to obtain a Chinese work visa approval via specialized employment services.

Particularly, employment services are offered by Professional Employment Organizations (PEO). Normally these organizations have less difficulties to have working visas issued than normal companies, due to their scope of activity being entirely dedicated to human resources management and professionals’ hiring. Employment services enable businesses to overcome the restrictions imposed on hiring a limited number of foreign employees.

Become a dispatched employee of INS. We are a HR consulting leader in China that currently hosts hundreds of foreign workers settled in China through our employment solution.

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